Pandora MU Season 15 - x500 - Long-term


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Version Season 15 S15 Season 15 Part 3
Type Medium Rates PvP Non PvP Keep Stats Castle Siege Good Economy Balanced Classes
United States
Last Update17 Feb 2020
Join Date22 Oct 2012
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First of all, on behalf of everyone in our community, I would like to thank you for your time and interest to visit this advertisement thread — we did our best to keep it simple.


We are a MU Online private server community established in 2007.

If you're wondering what makes us different and why it may be worth for you to play here, take some time and read our about and why pages.
And no, we won't go bananas about professionalism and 'premium quality' nonsense.

Official Website:

Season 15 Part 1-3, with all the original features and game content. No skins or custom modifications.

Regular EXP: x500
Master EXP: x5
Drops: 30%

Max. Level: 400 (+520 Master Levels)
Max. Resets: 100
Reset Type: Keep Stats / Equipped Items / Quests etc.

Upgrade Rates for Excellent, Ancient, Socket and Pentagram items:
Jewel of Soul: 50% (+Luck: 75%)
Jewel of Life: 60%
Item Level Upgrade Rates
+10, +11, +12 Mixes: 60% (85% with +Luck)
+13, +14 Mixes: 55% (80% with +Luck)
+15 Mixes: 50% (75% with +Luck)

Just one PvP server with no PK clear on the website. Don't worry, unless you're on a killing spree, it will be easy to get rid of PK by killing monsters. Plenty of monster spawns on every map, designed for skills of any range.

Better EXP when playing in a Party, real increased gains, by +5% and up to +30% compared to when playing alone.

On our Web Store, you will find no Wings. Only Sets, Weapons and Shields that can have max. 3 Exc. Options or 3 Sockets (Seed options not included).

See you in-game!