Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How to add my server and how ranking works?

    To add your site or server first you must Register (super easy process) then go to Dashboard and click + Add Server. All sites and servers shown on our top are ranked by the number of Unique Votes received each month. Those with more votes get a higher rank and usually receive more visitors. All votes and views get RESET to 1 on the first day of every month. Unique Visits and Total Visits are views of your site or server page plus the number or redirects to your website or the number of clicks on your server IP. Not all views are generated by players, new servers get crawled by search engines also.

  2. How can I improve my server's rank on topsite?

    The main way to get a higher rank is by voting. You should to add our Voting Code on your website so your players can vote. The second way is to upgrade your account to Premium Membership. This will give up to 400 extra votes each month and will boost your listing rank. More details on Premium Membership page or following to this guide. Also you should Share your site or server page using the social buttons. It will increase your page visibility and will attract more visitors who can also vote directly on the page for you.

  3. How often can I vote for my site or server?

    We reset votes every 12 hours so you and your players may vote twice every day. There will be no warning or notification in case you try to re-vote earlier and the vote won't count.

  4. How and from were do I get my Voting Code?

    In My Dashboard, below to every server there is a personal navigation bar. Click the first option called Voting Code. The HTML code can added on your website HTML source or on any blogs or forms that is allowing HTML code. The BBCode is for forums, signatures or even some blogs. The LINK code is a direct url you can put on your browser to navigate to your site or server. For more reference we suggest you read the guides for Enjin and other free sites in this tutorial.

  5. Why some servers have a banner image near title?

    This feature is for Premium Members, Top 10 ranked servers and also for all New servers. To show your uploaded banner image above your listing title on the ranking list you must upgrade your account to Premium. Maximum upload size for image is 10 MB. `Banner` should not be confused with Ads, those can be purchased on our advertising page and they are sold for different spots on the top page (Top Category, Side 1# and 2#).

  6. Will I get more players if I buy Premium Membership?

    One thing is for sure, you will get between 100 to 400 bonus votes for your site or server depending on what Premium pack you purchase. This, in most cases, will increase your rank. The greater benefit is on the 1'st day of each month when we reset all votes to 0 and your site will have those up to 400 votes already. Your site will also keep a better ranking even if you have a low number of incoming votes. Players tend to click on highlighted premium listings that have banner images but we can not guarantee a minimum amount of visits and also we can not promise that your server population will have an immediate grow.

  7. How do I create Ads or Advertising campaigns?

    Go to Dashboard and use New Ad button, fill up the required fields, upload or link your ad image and your advertising will be created. After the ad was created you will be redirected to our payment page in order to put your advertising live. We accept Paypal and all major credit cards. Your ad will be instantly activated after your payment is approved.

  8. Can I buy more then one Ad on same spot and category?

    Yes, there is no restriction. You can buy as many ads as you like even for the same category and spot(s). Most big servers tend to buy more then one Top Category ad to increase visibility and the number of clicks.

  9. How do I edit my Ads or Advertising campaigns?

    Go to Dashboard and click on inside My Ads collapsing tab. Inside this tab you will find your ad title, click it and you'll be redirected to your ad manager. Here you can Edit, Activate or Extend your advertising. There is also an option to delete old unused ads. The remove / delete ad option will not work if you advertising is active or pending activation.

  10. Why I don't see Players Online, server icon or server status monitoring?

    If you added a new server just wait a little, our system will visit your server IP once every 10 minutes. If your server is not reachable or is offline we will try to revisit for a few more times. In case is still offline we try to visit it the next day and so on.

  11. How many players will join after I buy Ads?

    To answer this question here is a brief info about TOPG.ORG: We have an average of 1 million unique visitors and over 8 million hits on all categories and pages combined per month. There is no guarantee that a minimum number of players will click your ad(s). Our ad prices are proportional to the number of expected clicks, the most expensive spot Top Category returns the highest number of clicks. The Side 1# and Side 2# return a higher number of displays over the top as they are shown overall but the click rate is lower.

  12. Why I don't see my Ads all the time?

    Only if you are the only advertiser on that category or game you will see your ads all the time. We sell rotating ads. If you buy ads on a category that has other advertisers we show the images random on each page visit or refresh.

  13. Why my Ads or Premium are not active yet?

    In most cases your ads and premium will be activated instantly after we approve your order. If you made a pending payment using eChecks that is not cleared yet you will have to wait until the payment is completed. This applies also if Paypal or our payment processors put your money on hold for review or investigation. No automatic system is perfect, if your payment is approved and you still have this issue Contact Us and we will fix this urgently.

  14. How do I edit server settings: category, version, type, website url, server ip, banner image?

    Go to Dashboard select tab My Servers. Below your site or server there is a navigation bar. Use Edit (first option) to change your settings: category, version, type, url/web address, server ip, banner etc.

  15. Why I can't see recent changes or updates to my site on the list?

    We update the listings every 3 minutes, if you don't see your recent changes like your rank, title, description, votes, views is because you see a cached version of the list. Try refreshing the page in 3 minutes.

  16. Why my Minecraft server's version has changed?

    We try to deliver correct information about servers to players. Our monitoring system that collects data like players online will also update your server version to the one we find in query.

  17. How can I delete my site or server?

    On your Dashboard -> Servers use the last option. You will be prompted for confirmation. The deletion is permanent can can not be reversed.

  18. How to change my account email or password?

    Login and click on upper-right menu on your Username > My Account. Here you can change your email, password and also disable newsletter or email notifications.

  19. How to add Voting Code on

    Go to (up-left side) click Admin > Pages > Global Side 1 (Click Add Container) and call it 'Vote' for example.
    On the new container click Add Module - scroll down and select from left list HTML Module then click on the right list +Create new module (name it 'My voting' for example) then Edit this new module)
    Now it's IMPORTANT! Select upper tab called <> HTML Source (put our html voting code there), Save Changes then close window. Done!
    You may also edit an existing module but make sure to edit the HTML Source and not just the Visual Editor!

  20. How to add Voting Code on

    Go to Edit this site - Click the page you want to edit (Home for example) - Content Box (Add or click on existing Content box).
    Set a Title then click on section 'Click to add text, images, and other content'. Click HTML button from top-right and put our HTML code in the new window then click Insert HTML.Final step is to save the page so click on PUBLISH

  21. How to add Voting Code on

    Go to My Sites - click Edit. From top boxes drag the Custom HTML one. Double-click the Click to set custom HTML. Copy-paste in this box our voting HTML code. PUBLISH and done.

  22. Do you have measures to prevent voting bots and cheating?

    We have ways to determine if someone is trying to cheat our voting system. In most cases we won't register the fake votes and will apply sanctions like permanent removal and ban. But why to spend money on buying expensive voting services, proxies or your precious time switching IP's when you could simply upgrade to Premium and get a decent amount of legit votes!? 30$ per month for 400 valid votes is a reasonable amount considering you'll push your server up a few good spots and end up on first category page in most cases.

  23. May I use iframe to generate the Voting Gateway on my site?

    Yes, you can use topg gateway as iframe on your website's voting page but you must also add a direct link (see any Voting Code) as an alternative for your players also so we can keep track of your website as referrer for voting otherwise we can't guarantee to validate your incoming votes.

  24. Why all my votes have been reset?

    First reason may be cause we reset all votes and views to 1 every month on the first day. Second, we have an advanced anti-cheat system for voting. In case we find evidence in our logs that you are trying to cheat our voting we will reset your votes to 0 votes and due to case we may ban and remove your account and servers from listing.

  25. I forgot username and/or password?

    If you forgot only your password you can reset by using Forgot Password tool. In case you forgot user-name you need to send us a request by Contact Us.

  26. Is this topsite optimized for mobile devices?

    Yes, we use advanced techniques to display our website for any mobile device of any size. The content should be easy to navigate.

  27. I paid but my Credit Points (CP) are not active yet.

    If this is your first payment then it takes up to 24 hours to process your transaction. We may require more information by email to contact you by phone or to validate the payment.

  28. My issue is not listed here, what should I do?

    If you need special assistance don't hesitate to Contact Us. We will do our best to answer your question within 24 hours.

If you don't find the answer to your question here don't hesitate to contact us. Our support team is available for you 24/7 and we try our best to get back to you asap.

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