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Version S19
Type X50 X5000
Location Canada
Last Update28 Dec 2023
Join Date28 Dec 2023

Info S19

Mu Online Season 19

Server is opening at 17.November with Mu Online Season 19 Part 1, Grow Lancer renewal! Grown Lancer had less skills comared to other classes, which made her difficult to level up in mu online worlds. As well as new weapons, sets and map to conquer!

  • New Combat power system has been aplied to Grow lancer build to boost attack power, to do so, Strenght and Agility must be used in season 19!
  • New apocalypse weapons for all classes
  • 10th mastery items - Lighning set
  • New map - Tomenta Island from 1280 level with mobs: Storm Guard, Storm Reaper, Storm Field, map drops Lightning items
  • New muun - Grow lancer
  • Mater level from incresed 1550 to 1600
  • 5th evolution quest for all classes
  • 5th class wings
  • Guide quest with rewards, boxes, ruud, zen VIDEO
  • Daily Moster soul quests, Wcoin rewards

Mu Online Server settings:

  • Fast leveling x5000 experience
  • Reset system, get character to 32000 stat poins on each power, stats after reset burns, and move to lorencia
  • Hight attack speeds
  • Each reset reward, random jewel in gremory case +10Wcoins +10 Goblin Points
  • Reset command /reset in game, reward 10Wcoins +10Goblin Points
  • Wing Vouncher Rewards for reaching resets
  • Rewards for daily activity in website