DragonMu S19P1-3

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Website dragonmu.net
Version season 19
Type x9999
Location United States
Last Update28 Feb 2024
Join Date28 Feb 2024


DragonMu Season 19 Part 1-3 opening: X500

DragonMu X500 server has a lot of customs to make the game exciting in gameplay in long term! Old s18 players can use again theyr VIP rewards!

Version: Season 19part 1-3
Experience: Regular/Master/Majestic X500
Master points: 2
Majestic points: 2
Reset: Stats burns, Free stats: 500 (auto even distribute /addstats) Unlimited resets
Reset: Max 200 resets per 24h (anti auto farmers)
Starter bonus: Pets 3days Buff, Lucky set lvl1, 5xBless of Light, to get it, type in game /startergift

Shops: Jewels, All for chaos mixes

Get level 400 and type: /level400 for Random 2lvl wings box!
/potions to get Potions
/blessme To get bound pendant


Reset in game: /reset 10Wcoins 1000 ruud, stats burns free stats: 500. Starting from 300 resets players earn most rewards on resting, reset count is unlimited, so the rewards are unlimited, to purchase FO gear/Wings and other items from Xshop. Play to Win/Earn the best items!

Game plan!
Level up to earn Goblin Points!
Reset to earn Wcoins (higher reset count gives more Wcoins) Full Xshop, earn your top gear by reseting!
Kill mini bosses to get RUUD!
Kill main bosses to get FO items!
Kill Tormenta Elites to get Wcoins! 2Wc per elite, spawns every 60seconds!
Quest system, earn Golden Summons, Ruud Boxes
Extra Wcoins farming: Blood Castle, Scramble Words event, Boss Battle event, White Wizard invasion, Sheep Invasion, Elites in Tormenta Square

Golden invasion every 2hours: Starting 01:30: 10x Mobs Each class, Each golden kills gives Wcoins, Kundun box: 30% FO chance

Extra Reset rewards

10-49 resets: 15 Wcoins 1500RUUD per reset
50-99 resets: 20 Wcoins 2000RUUD per reset
100-199 resets: 20 Wcoins 2000RUUD per reset
200-299 resets: 30 Wcoins 3000RUUD per reset
300-Unlimited resets: 40 Wcoins 4000RUUD per reset

Goblin points: 1level 1GP: There are wings and pets,FO SilverHeart, Manticore weapons, jewels available for GP
WCoins: Resets & Kill Elite Mobs
Happy Bonus exp hour: Morning 8-9 Evening 20-21 Server time
All top bosses respawn every 2hours!
Golden invasion Every 1hour!

Resetting stats ingame, commands: example /decstr 11
Socket Weapons: Auto combo chance 5%
Make perfect build, rebuild stats
Decrease Strenght points = /decstr
Decrease Agility points = /decagi
Decrease Vitality points = /decvit
Decrease Energy points = /decene
Decrease Command points = /deccmd

Party: Get more experience with bigger parties: 5Unique characters in party (Gold party) gets the highest exp bonus.