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Swisscraft is one of the longest running Minecraft servers in the world, maybe even the longest, opened on the very first day SMP was released.

The servers main plugins are:
Commandbook: Swisscraft doesn't run essentials just like every other server out there, we use a different plugin to handle base commands.
WorldGuard: This is what we use to protect your houses so they can't be destroyed, if you build something you want to keep, ask a Mod or an Admin and it can be protected safely in seconds.
McMMO: This plugin adds a new side to the game, letting you level up in skills like mining and fishing to get extra bonuses and perks.
MyPet: Allows you to catch mobs and keep them as pets, when you kill a mob while holding a lead you can keep it as a pet, give it a name, and use it in PvP as a secret weapon!
Runecraft: Lets you build runes which can give you the edge when you need it, from the resource gathering rune to PvP runes.
Dynmap: Gives you a 3D view of the entire world, use it to find new biomes or hunt down other players for combat, it's up to you.
BattleArena: Fight with your friends in a custom arena using special kits to dominate the battle, or join a skirmish and fight to the death with other players.
ChestShop: Shop at the Admin Shops or buy an area and build your own shop at the shopping district!
And we also have a ownTeamSpeak3 server! Just connect to with your TS3 client!

We have active staff to help you if you have any problems, the server also runs 24/7 so no matter where you are, you can play when you want!

If you have any questions or just want to get to know everyone, feel free to join us at the forums at

100% Ad free, there are no donator ranks, that means no players who pay their way to the top, every rank can be gained from playing and being active, you might even get some extra commands and bonuses.

If you're looking for a friendly server to build and have some fun on, come and join in any time at:

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