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Join us for a fun, friendly minecraft experience! We are tightly knit and been around for awhile ;) A Relaxing, Worry-free, and fun experience on GameScape! (Established August 27th, 2012)

We currently offer the following servers; You have the option to go directly to the server if you wish :)

- Modified Factions Raid (Direct IP -> -

[Raiding, Vampires, Mob Arena, Open Chests, Envoy, MythicDrops, mcmmo, and more!] - Skyblock (Direct IP -> -
[Island survival! Live off minimal resources! OreGen and more!] - Kingdoms (Direct IP -> -
[Create your own Kingdom and rule others! Quests and MyPet!] - Hardcore Survival (Direct IP -> -
[1 life! Deathban! How long can you survive?]


Voting for us here will give you rewards in each of these servers!

Each server is having its own community with dedicated staff for each server! (Looking for staff too!)


More Features:  ● Shop ✔ ● PvP ✔ ● MyPet ✔ ● Jobs ✔ ● Factions ✔ ● Wilderness ✔ ● Mobhunting ✔ ● Bounty ✔ ●
● Trails ✔ ● ProQuests ✔ ● Vampires ✔ ● Parkour ✔ ● Envoy ✔ ● Veteran Server ✔ ● 24/7 ✔ ● No Lag ✔ ● Cookies ✔ ●
● Cake ✔ ● Rankup / Free Ranks ✔ ● Economy and more (Lots of Custom Backend plugins!) ●


Interested in becoming a Staff member at GameScape?
We don't give staff out to friends! Our staff team is made up from people around the globe!
We only look for bright individuals that we can trust and are dedicated to making GameScape a better place!
Ask a staff member in-game for more details!

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15 Oct 2014
Updated this Vote Site

New Spawn

You will be creating this on another server with full OP and any plugins you will need, If you wish to be paid I will pay you if the job is well done and you have a professional build team or partners.

(Contact Owner or an Admin, Me)