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Version Season 6
Type 1000x
Last Update07 Jul 2020
Join Date04 Jul 2020


TriadMU, founded in 2020, is one of the most stable servers around for MU Online with a great population. We enable players to enjoy their free time in one great community and server through the game MU Online.
We've got some pretty cool features and classic version without any glitches - as well as seamless long term gameplay with years to come. No wonder that our servers are played by the most friendly and active gamers around. Basic info and Features

∞ Version: Season 6 Episode 15 modified and 99% Bugless
∞ Security: Game Protected by unique proprietary anti-cheating software with advanced anti-dupe system.
∞ Community: Guilds, events, tournaments, castle siege, wars and a dynamic in-game economy
∞ Population: Thousands of active players in-game and on forum at any time of the day
∞ Servers:

▪ Andromeda (Classic PVP)

∞ Stability: Servers are always online with only a few minutes of downtime due to a crash or a restart
∞ Website: Feature rich, yet simple and user friendly website
∞ Rates:
▪ Experience: x1000 dynamic
▪ Drops: 25 %
▪ Chaos Machine: 70%
∞ Monster Spawns: : completely filled with monster spawns; 
∞ Daily GM Events, Support and many interesting tournaments In-Game.
∞ Castle Siege Event - Every Weekend. (Amazing PVP fun for every guild who's up for challenge).
∞ CryWolf Event - 3 times per day. (Rewards Season 3 Excellent Items).
∞ Kantru Event - Good In-game event, winning many excellent items, starting from +0
∞ Ancient Items - drop in Land Of Trials, Kalima Boss and as reward in Chaos Castle Event!
∞ Grand Reset System - Exchange Resets for WebShop Credits.
∞ Vote System - Vote for Us and Get Rewarded!
∞ Referral System - Send your Referral unique link to your friends and win WebShop Credits.
∞ Online Time Trade - As much as you stay online in-game, the more credits you earn from this function!
∞ Healing Potions Cool-Down - New system to block all kind of healing hacks in MU and give chance to everyone in PVP no matter ping/ms to the server!
∞ No Agility Bugs - All skills and spells are working without any speed or visual problems or so called "Agility Bugs"... such as problems with Evil Spirits, Fire Scream & others are gone for good.
∞ Real-Time Add Stats Command - Stat points adding in-game by command without need for switch character or relog. Your stats is added in real time.(/addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcom | Example, Press Enter in-game and type the following text: /addstr 3000 and 3000 points will be added to Strength)
∞ Monthly Top Resets, Top Votes, Blood Castle Chaos Castle, Devil Square, Golden Archer and Quarterly/Seasonal TOP TMES (TriadMU Event Series - daily hosted events by Game Masters) - Monthly rankingswith unique rewards and unique custom score system.
∞ Easy/fun game-play without lags, bugs or cheats with professional developers behind the server.
∞ 24/7 Online Dedicated Server.
∞ 24/7 Support Service. E-mail Ticket service
∞ Very friendly and active community. Server Stats: We hope you will give TriadMU a try and we guarantee you will love it here if you search for a long term, high rate server that will still be here in years to come from now on. TriadMU is the best place to play MU Online with your friends or make new one. The best private server for MU online in the internet. TriadMU is your place.  Register now and download the game! Triad MU Trailer:

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