XGAME MU Season 19.3

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Website xgamemu.com
Discord Discord
Version Season 19
Type x9999
Location France
Last Update17 Feb 2024
Join Date15 Feb 2024


XGAME MU Season 19.3


Server Details: Version: Season 19 Part 1-3 Experience: x9999 Nonreset and Pvp ( Iteam Custom option )

Website: https://xgamemu.com/ . .Exclusive:

  • Starter KIT for Players ( /startergift )
  • Play2Win CashShop
  • ANTILAG System (Hotkeys) ; Minimizer (Press F1) ; Camera 3D (Press F6)
  • AntiCheat & Active Team to Ban Abusers!
  • Guides to Read Everything About Game

Website: https://xgamemu.com/ . Features:

  • MOSS Gambler Event
  • Monster Soul Daily Quests & Reward
  • Vote Reward System (Farm GP every Vote!)
  • Receive Ruud Playing (Via Reset/GR/Invasions/BOSS/Events)
  • Receive Coins Playing (Via Reset/GR/Invasions/BOSS/Events)
  • Farm Coins via Events (Quests, PvP Matchs, Tag, Survivor, etc)

Website: https://xgamemu.com/ . .Season19 1-2 Updates:

  • [NEW] Grow Lancer Renewal (reworked skill trees, new skills, combat power): requires skill tree reset
  • [NEW] New Mastery Items (9th): Apocalypse Weapons and Shields
  • [NEW] New Mastery Items (10th): Lightning (normal and ancient)
  • [NEW] New Map & Monsters: Tormenta Island
  • [NEW] New Excellent option for shields
  • [NEW] New Mastery Item Mixes
  • [NEW] Increases maximum mastery level t o1200 (1600 total)
  • [NEW] Added ability to configure Shadow Phantom buffs (Misc.lua)
  • [NEW] Added CureSuccessRate option to SKillSettings.ini

Season19 1-3 Updates:- All characters 5th Class and Quest

  • Ability Core AKA 5th Tree
  • Ability Cards: DMG, Skill, Option, Elite
  • Extra damage type for characters: Nuke, Bolt, AoE
  • New attributes in character extended statistics window
  • Extra damage for monsters
  • 5th Wings and Wing Core
  • Fusion Skills for all characters, combined effects of different skills with renewed visual effects
  • Giants: three types of improving moving speed robots
  • New mixes of the wings and cards