Mu international S6

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Version S6
Type 50
Last Update30 Jun 2024
Join Date13 Oct 2023


New server - Season6.3 Special!!!!
Professional and helpful management team available 24/7.
Lots of upgrades:
New sets, new monsters, new events, new maps, full X-Shop and many more surprises!!!
Come join a great gaming experience and good people, a server without bugs!!! Join our Discord group to receive special benefits!
We are here to stay with you for many more years!

 Welcome to Mu International!

Experience the ultimate Mu Online adventure on our private server, based on Season 6 but enhanced with features up to Season 18! Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, there's something for everyone. Explore our exciting features designed to make your gameplay unforgettable. Here are some highlights:

 Why Choose Mu International?

*Latest Season 18 Features: special gameplay with all the latest updates.
*Balanced Gameplay: Fair and balanced gaming environment.
*Active Community: Join a passionate and friendly community.
*Regular Events & Updates: Exciting events and regular updates.
*Dedicated Support: 24/7 assistance from friendly administrators.
Server Highlights:

Exp & Drop Rates: Optimized for a perfect blend of challenge and reward.
Custom Quests & Bosses: Unique challenges and epic battles.
PvP & PvE: Enjoy battling players or monstrous foes.
Guild Wars & Castle Siege: Lead your guild to victory.
 Exclusive Features:

Battle Pass: Unlock rewards by completing challenges and missions.
Lucky Wheel: Spin for fantastic prizes and powerful enhancements.
Skin System: Customize your characters with a variety of skins.
Flag System: Represent your guild with custom flags.
Advanced Quest System: Deep and rewarding quests for valuable rewards.
Dynamic In-Game Communication: Easily interact and manage game activities.
Enhanced Security: Anti-dupe and anti-speed hack measures for a fair game.
Unique Items & Custom Mixes: Discover exclusive items and equipment.
Expansive Maps & Bosses: Explore new maps and face formidable bosses.
Daily Rewards & Events: Log in daily for rewards and participate in events.
Jewel Bank: Safely store and manage your precious diamonds.
 Friendly Community: Join a welcoming and supportive group of players always ready to assist and team up for adventures.

 How to Join?

Visit our website:
Register, Download and Play!

 Mu International – Where Legends Are Born!