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Version 1.14.3
Type Survival PvE Economy Player Shops Claim Friendly staff Vote Rewards Bosses PVP Custom Bosses
Last Update07 Jul 2019
Join Date02 Jun 2018
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Server is a Semi-Vanilla survival server with land claim, economy, shops, and lots more.

Our staff team are sensible experienced Minecraft players with knowledge of many previous server styles and features, we aim to make your game-play one where you can enjoy yourself while chatting via Discord, so come and join us for some friendly hack free gameplay.

Do you want to play survival in safety from griefing and PVP? You can do so in Narnia, yet also toggle on/off PVP when you do want to have a fight with your friends.

Do you like boss fights? We have multiple boss fights against many different supercharged bosses, Dragons, Elder Guardians, Killer Bunnies... All with some great drops.

Players can obtain mobheads from a selection of over 16000 to decorate their homes, get in game currency by killing mobs, warp to many distant biomes from the comfort of spawn and much much more.

Free 1000 claim blocks for new players so you can easily protect your claim.

Now with 1.14.3 we also have Village Raids where you can battle the ever increasing hords of attacking mobs.

We will be killing a Panda each day until you join, so come on - join the server - be a hero and save those Panda's!

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Change Logs
07 Jul 2019

So we updated to Paper as it is less laggy than Spigot, also to 1.14.3 where all the new blocks have been implemented into our server shop, you can explore new 1.14 chunks via our warp system that allows you to get out upto 30 million blocks from spawn!

The battles in the Boss Arena are going to get harder with better drops, we will also implement a village raid battle where you can always fight the hords of raiders and become the hero of the village.

Come and join us, our team (just like the players) are helpful and often assist new players who are looking for that big build experience.


Just be aware that should you choose not to come play at then we will kill a Panda each day.

Go on, save a Panda!