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Version 1.10.2
United States
Last Update28 Jul 2013
Join Date28 Jul 2013

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The top server for business savvy MC players.  Start/join companies, buy stocks, get dividends, take over other player's companies and more.  Exclusive features not available on any other server.  Anti-cheat/griefing/stealing with large friendly admin staff.   
Helpful Community
Friendly Staff
No griefing, cheating, hacking
Large, wide open landscape for building
Easy one command access to open land (no running for hours to find a build spot)

Exclusive business based plugins custom designed just for our server
- Stock purchasing/selling
- Run a company and hire employees
- Take over over players companies
- Get ranked against your fellow players and earn reward
- Customize and upgrade your company and capabilities

Over 100+ Active Mods including:

Buildcraft, Thermal Expansion, IndustryCraft2, ExtraBees/Trees, Forestry, Applied Energistics, Rei's Minimap, Treecapitator, Not Enough Items, Factorization, MineFactory Reloaded, Lanterns, HarvestCraft, Redpower, Thaumcraft, Railcraft, Steve's Carts and much much moreThere is no whitelist so feel free to join at any time.

Website: Eaveecraft.com
Host: lite.eaveecraft.com
Port: 25565

This is a custom server that requires a custom launcher to access.  This launcher will NOT modify or break your standard minecraft install.

Installation instructions