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Version 1.12.1
Type Survival Creative Free Fly Optional PvP ChestShop Minigames Custom Buycraft Mobs Ranks
United States
Last Update10 Aug 2016
Join Date02 May 2015

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What We Offer For Anyone and Everyone


Anyone can enjoy these worlds without paying a dime. Here's a few of them...
  1. Survival (Our main focus) - Massive: 20 GB and growing
  2. Events (Spleef, Survival Games, Staff Held Contests, etc.)
  3. PvP (Using survival inventories)
We offer some unique tools and abilities that other servers might not, such as...
  • Free survival flight (wear a golden chestplate to fly in a Survival world)
    • NOTE: Hacking is not allowed. Flight is provided by a plugin without a client.
  • Multiple homesets and large 101x256x101 land protection blocks
  • Create warps and invite people to homes
  • Free GUI market with buy and sell listings (/sell or /buy)
  • Custom gear enchantments and custom craftables



Server Specifications


Our server runs on professional grade servers (not cheap) with crash fail-safes and professional tunnings.
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR3 (Supports 200 players)
  • Industrial Grade DDOS Protection
  • CPU: i7-3770k 4.2 Ghz (Overclocked)
  • Server: Stored on SSD
  • 1 Gbps Uplink Port
Most servers falsify their uptime, TPS, etc. Here are the facts based off of Spigot's /timings and others.
  • Actual Average TPS: 19.90/20 (truly no lag)
  • Actual Uptime: 99.6% Uptime (2016)
  • Trained Linux Server Manager
  • Professional Plugin Developers
  • Hand-Picked Adult Staff from the Community
  • Running for over 2 years now
  • Server Mostly Custom Coded
Donation and Ranks Policy

We disapprove of pay-to-win servers. None of our competative events such as minigames and PvP have donation-restricted perks. Perks mainly include effects and non-competative advantages (name color, more homesets in Survival, etc.). You donate to keep our server running strong and on good hardware. None of our staff are paid, and we do this because we love the community.


You've probably seen big servers (especially prison servers) that have rediculous donation perks. We hate them too, because it sucks to have to pay to be good.