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Server IP
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.18 1.18.x
Type Anarchy Earth ChestShop Towny Geopolitical Political Economy Dynmap Discord Freedom
United States
Last Update08 Jan 2022
Join Date06 Jan 2022


The World:
Gentoria is a towny based server that lasts a few months and then resets, at the end of the Volume (reset), the map will be published and players will be awarded Legacies based off achievements. After each reset, Legacies will be kept, as an acknowledgement as well as a starting bonus in future Volumes. All servers die at some point, the difference is that Gentoria reincarnates. This allows new players to join the game at the same level as the old players while also giving the old players something to look forwards to.
The Economy:
The economy for the server starts at $100,000,000 and will not be expanded, this is to prevent inflation of money in the server so it stays at the same value that it started at. This means the admin shop of the server has a limited amount of money until players are forced to trade with each other making things like embargoes between nations more effective.
our server has basic rules such as no exploiting, hacking, etc, but if a player wanted to ban for example "scamming" he would need to outlaw it in his nation/town and then enforce the law with diplomacy or war.
we have unrestricted towny war so go nuts
try out our server, its new and we are just getting the hang of running minecraft servers and we are open to suggestions so come and check it out!