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Website Website
Discord Discord
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Status Online
Last Ping13 minutes 57 seconds ago
Version 1.16.4
Type Survival PvE Economy Land Claim AntiGrief
Last Update13 Mar 2021
Join Date05 Nov 2020


CauldronCraft is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server.

We offer a relaxed survival experience and a freindly and welcoming community.

♦ Semi-Vanilla Survival
We try to keep the vanilla experience but still want to offer comforts like homes/tp and protection against griefers with anti-grief plugins.

♦ Economy/Jobs
There is a economy with jobs, rentable shop plots and an auction house plugin.

♦ Custom Voting Ranks
Every Vote brings you closer to your next rank up. With every rank up you unlock more homes, and other helpful commands.

♦ Party Chat
There is a Party Chat Plugin that lets you create a private in game chat for your and your friends!

♦ Events
We do our best to have at least one event every month and have big events for holidays like Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc.
There is a PvP Arena that is open to use at all times and for 1.17 there are plans for a theme park with player made minigames!

♦ And Much More….!

Join CauldronCraft for vanilla Minecraft with sprinkles!
Join our discord: Much More….!

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