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Version 5165
Type Mid Rate Low Rate
United States
Last Update06 Jan 2015
Join Date18 Mar 2014


What Serenity CO is all aboutThis is a CO Server like you've probably never seen before - we try to take the basic gameplay from Conquer 1.0 and build upon it with features, content and balance changes.We try to keep the nostalgia of only ever having Warrior, Trojan, Archer, Water Taoist, Fire Taoist.
We will NEVER add any new classes like pirates.
We took out Talismans, Battle Power, Horses, and tons of other non-classic features.
We've added the new 3.0 Maps.
Tons of ease of use features like right clicking meteors to make scrolls from inventory.
You can access all Warehouses from Market.
Skills that hit in a line for Taoists and 2-hander users so they can show off their FB skills too.
An NPC in the mine that you can choose how long you want him you mine and pay him to mine so you don't have to.
An unidentified equipment dealer so you can lay your silvers on the table and try your luck to acquire useful equipment. (Idea from Gambler in Diablo 2)Instead of buffing the best things and making the junk items even worse we try to buff the junk people don't use to make them viable and leave the already good stuff alone.A few Examples of changes that do effect gameplay:The Hook skill comes with a Life-stealing Effect. Gain some of the damage dealt to the Monster or Player back in HP.
Phoenix, the Sword skill De-buffs the target Monster or Player's Magic Attack for a few second after going off.
Fire Meteor, the Fire Taoist skill De-buffs the target player's Magic Defence for a few seconds. This effect is Stackable.
2nd Reborn Archer's Rapid-Fire skill Stuns target for 4 seconds, leaving monsters unable to move, and players unable to use skills or attacks.We try to make the game even more balanced than the original while also opening up new options for potential builds.Everything has a purposeThat's one thing we stress. No one build can completely wreck every other build.Fire Taoists - Slowest to level. Once high level destroys many other classes that have low Magic Defence with little skill required by the user. Almost worthless against other Fire Taoists and only good for countering reviving Water Taoists with Bomb to damage the targets Mana. If you have the skill to hit with a FB like skill you can PvP with Mana Pulse for much higher damage output than Tornado. Dodge counters Archers superbly if your a 2nd RB Double Fire Combo. Hard counters Trojan. Negates Archer, Water Taoist.Water Taoists - Much easier to level without plvling here with Mana Pulse, a custom skill that functions like FastBlade but deals damage based on Magic Attack. Revive is an extremely valuable skill but if you decide to go Melee Water your revive will not be as good as if you had used a Backsword and other Magic Gear. In fact all cure spells also rely on your Magic Attack and can be built up to cure viable amounts of HP instead of like 800 in regular CO. Stigma and MagicShield are even better here than Regular CO and can mean the difference between life and death. Doesn't Counter any other class specifically. Revives and buffs others, can be built to play like a Trojan or Warrior with stigma and basic Cure/Revive when Reborn but loses the ability to Cure and Revive as well as regular Water.Trojans - Trojans were already good and didn't need much of a change. Dominate nearly every class in damage but can't touch an archer while flying. Using ScentSword you'll be able to 1 hit nearly anything if you can land the hit. Use Hercules for easier hits but less damage. Dagger is more viable than before with the Defence De-Buff weapon skill. Other weapons have interesting abilities but Club/Sword/Blade still dominate. Counters anything it can hit with FastBlade/ScentSword. Can't Kill Archers, somewhat hard to kill Taoists that zap unless your using Hurc.Warriors - Warriors Level extremely fast but lack in PvP compared to the harder to level Trojan. Grab a Glaive or Poleaxe and use the Right Click to use skills for PvP much like a Trojan's Hercules. Warriors got tankier here. Shields  and Helms give warriors way more defense here than usual. Shields used by classes other than warriors gives only a fraction of the benefit. XP Skill Roar which used to be useless now does decent AOE damage in a large area and give Warriors a solid perk. The Reborn skill Reflect makes Warrior a good class to reborn from. Counters flying Archers with Roar or Flying Moon if you have XP Skill at the right time. Can usually tank hits that most classes can't with Shield.
Archers - Archers are in-arguably the best class for PvE and the worst for PvP. Here archers can choose to get Dragon Gems for All Attack or Fury Gems for Some Attack/Some Attack Speed. If your going to do PvE you'll want damage for Scatter so Dragon is better. For PvP the ability to shoot arrows insanely fast is if nothing else a great way to pin a player down. Rapid Fire stuns if 2nd RB and can be useful. Damage is much higher when not flying. Counters players without good Boots. Otherwise Fly and pin players with good boots down and kill stamina to make them easier for others to hit.Rates:Classic leveling server with accelerated rates.Rates are higher for players killing white name enemies and higher still for special monsters like messengers, aides, kings and dura mobs, but here's a rough average of rates:
- Average kills for a Meteor: Normal Monster: 400. Special Monster: 5.
- Average kills for a +1 Stone:  Normal Monster: 600.  Special Monster: 10.
- Average kills for a DragonBall:  1800 max (There is a quest).
- Average time mining for a gem: 10 minutes.
- Average time to go from new to 120: 6-12 hours of active gameplay.Players don't stay new for very long but its slow enough to have the feeling of having to earn your levels and gear.Events:There are several events that happen daily at certain times such as the FastBlade / ScentSword Tournament.- FB/SS Tournament: Twice Daily except on Guild War days at 9:00 and 18:00 Server Time. Players may enter at the Arena in Twin City. Everyone enters with 1 HP and all attacks do 1 damage. When one player kills another player they gain 1 HP so they can survive an extra hit before dying. Last man standing is awarded 400 CPs and bragging rights.- Number Game: Twice Daily at 11:00 and 23:00. A simple guess the correct number game. The computer picks a number from 1 to 100. Guess a number by typing in # 42 , # 69, etc. The computer will tell you if your high or low. After others have had a chance to pick a number you get to guess again. First to guess the number wins 100 CPs.- Arena Tiger PvP Boss: Every day at 15:00 a Tiger with 2 million HP is released into the arena. Work together or fight against others to defeat the boss and pick up the loot. It drops dragonballs, meteors, up to +4 Stones, and a random Garment every time.- Daily Boss: Every day different bosses spawn throughout the world that take quite awhile for even a maxed out player to kill. The bosses cycle off every 5 days spawning 2 different bosses each day. Most bosses are outside city gates, the Terato Dragon is the hardest of these bosses and he's in Frozen Grotto Floor 3.- Guild War: Days divisible by 5. (5th, 10th, 15th,20th,25th,30th) Guild War is broken into 3 rounds to give different time zones a chance to participate. The rounds are at: 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 and run for 3 hours each round. Guilds fight for control over the pole in the Guild arena. The guild that holds it for the longest wins the round. Rewards are given to the Guild Leader after each round won, and the reward varies from round to round and has a chance to also win some of the most valuable items in the server.Some More Features: - Guild Hall maps. To promote the split into two separate alliances there are only 2 guild halls which are controlled by the two strongest opposing factions. At the time of writing this Seraphim has one and TheBrotherhood has the other.
The guild Hall gives Guild members a place to hang out and comes with a few handy features as well.
Guild Warehouse that all members can access to share items.
Miniature level 125 training ground.
Special Guild Conductresses to specialty places like Lab4 boss, DBDevil , ect. (Must win Guild War to unlock the GC's)
Remote Team EXP in Guild Hall. Players inside the Guild Hall can gain EXP from their team mates regardless of where they are in the world. Subtracts some silvers from guild fund by EXP gained. (currently unlocked for all who have access to a Guild Hall. Later the guild will have to win at least one round of GW to unlock this.)- Mining Level (Pickaxe Proficency) increases mining performance and rates.  Pickaxe Proficency gained only from mining, not from attacking.  We tried to make mining less of a grind and more of an interactive experience.  Mining is faster and gem rates are higher BUT mine too long without paying attention and you might hit a Gas Pocket and slowly die and lose Mining EXP!- Offline Market Shop for Non-Equipment goods. (Mets, DBs, MoonBoxes, ect.) Logoff with these items up for sale and your shop will stay running.- Gambler - Take your chances by buying unidentified items from an NPC to see what you get.- Sell the refined, Uniques, Elites, Supers you don't need to an NPC in market for a flat rate.- Upgrade Max Durability of equipment using Kylin Gems. Get to 100 Dura and Dura stops going down.- Monster Exterminator Quest for TC, PC, AC, DC, BI, MC and Frozen Grotto.- Change your Password In-Game at the Love Stone.  You can also change your Name and Gender but that costs CP.- Get a free Random Item and Triple EXP DAILY for voting!  Votes are nessesary as it moves the server up the top list and helps players find our private server!- Right Click to pack into Scrolls/Packs: Meteors, Dragonballs, MeteorTears, +Stones from your inventory.- Mega packs for Meteors, Dragonballs, MeteorTears.- Arrow Packs.- Auto Arrow Reload system.- Upgrade Max Durability for Kylin Gems added.- Access all City Warehouses from Market.- Transfer Virtue Points between players.- LuckyTime 2 hour cap upped to 24 hours.- NPC with levels listed for every item so you never wonder if you can equip the next upgrade.- Commands you can type in to drop ores quickly, or check how many players are online.- A player finder command for VIP's so you can find your next victim.- Player-Voted Event Manager abilities for other normal players. This means player hosted PvP or Non-PvP Events.- Guild war system that declares the Guild that has held the Guild War Pole the longest the winner.- Bosses that spawn once every 5 days, spread out so a different super boss spawns every day. Killing one of these bosses sets off an hour long drop rate event server-wide!- Roar, Lightning/Volcano/SpeedLightning, ArrowRain, Stigma and Magic Shield buffed.- Get a Rate Increase from Garments and Gourds using Violet Gem Sockets. (Violet gems only in Garments and Gourds to keep them from adding actual stats)In the works: - Hunger Games Arena - Enter the forested arena with nothing. No armor. No weapons. No items.  Health ticks down slowly you'll need to gather supplies if you want to survive.  Gather what you need from the arena, useful items will be randomly found on the ground, dropped from arena monsters, or crafted from ore and timber that you'll find around the map.  Skills to recover HP and MP will be disabled.  Supply Caches will slowly churn out Health and Mana Potions, Ore, Timber and will likely be the primary locations of conflict as players fight over resources.  Alliances will likely be made, but only one player will make it out alive and claim the prize money!Donation Policy: We are not trying to make money on this server, however any donations to help keep the server running are greatly appreciated!  We will be offering players in-game rewards for donations, much like other servers.  Rewards for donations and in-game events will be given in the form of CP and VIP.We didn't want CP to take over the economy, so we treat it like a Donation Currency that is untradable. (You can convert CP to Garments and trade those, but it keeps CP out of market stalls.)CP is locked to characters meaning the character that obtains them must use them in the Item Mall or broadcast.  The Item Mall is stocked with DragonBalls, Meteors, Garments and EXP Potions as well as a few convenience items (like scrolls).  Broadcasting also costs CP and allows your messages to be seen even by players just logging in.In addition to the CP, donations are rewarded with one VIP per 5 dollars. On the regular server VIP is permanent and you can hold more than one VIP on one character and transfer them. To make VIP easier to trade around, on Zone-2 VIP got changed into a VIP Token that adds VIP for 30 days.VIP gives a few little helpful features such as Auto-loot that automatically adds Gold drops, Dragonballs, +1 and 2 Stones, Elites, Supers and TreasureChests/Keys to a players inventory when a monster they kill drops it.  Remote Repair that repairs everything equiped with the click of a button from anywhere and without unequipping.  Remote Compose to plus your items anywhere you want.  The newest VIP feature is the /whereis (playername) command.  Typing it in give that players map and coords. Paired with /pm to know whos on a map with you this feature could be vital for PKing or hunting PKers.  If you're also a VIP you can hide yourself from this system with the command /ghost.We understand that by accepting donations, we are committing ourselves to this project.  As long as this server continues to be played on, it will continue to be hosted and updated.  Want to get involved in the project yourself?  We want this to be an open project for anyone that wants to share their ideas or support!  Use our forum to post screenshots you want on the website! We run a Player driven Voting system for Event Managers, meaning anyone can get special player helping abilities and host awarded PvP events! reat player submitted content or ideas make it into the client patches!  Our entire custom interface was specifically made for this server by a normal player!  Credits for this go to Citrine!  Thanks for all the hard work!
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