Metin2 Private Servers

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Metin2 Server List

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Middleschool Root Oldschool PvM Hard Farming

Midle pvm Hard pvp Vote4Coins Free Coins Custom items

2015 Weapons

Pvm Hard Oldschool vote 4 coins Farming Easy


Easy No Mods Orginal Mid Rate

Pvp PVM pvq

Farming Easy Newschool Pvm pvp

Pvm Hard Low Rate Oldschool PVM

Easy Farming Pvm pvp Newschool No Donations

Farming Custom Maps Custom Items Farm Low Rate

Pvm Hard Oldschool

Oldschool Pvm Hard Low Rate Orginal PVM

Pvm Medium

104 2015 Weapons Custom Items Pvp Farm

PVM Oldschool

Pvp Farm

Oldschool Root Pvm pvp

Mid Rate Pvm pvp


Oldschool Easy Start Fun Orginal Daily Events

International Medium Newschool Fun Easy

Easy Fun Farming

Easy PVM Orginal

Pvp Farm

Easy Farming No Mods Orginal Newschool

Easy Start

Farm No Mods


Pvp Easy Daily Events International High Rate

Pvm Medium Easy

No Mods Pvm Medium Orginal Root

Middleschool Easy Pvm pvp

Pvp Pvp Farm 2015 Weapons ultrafun No Mods

High Rate

PVM Easy Farming

Pvm Medium

Pvm Hard Mid Rate Orginal PVM Pvm pvp

Pvp Oldschool Easy No Mods Orginal


Mid Rate

Pvm pvp Daily Events Custom Maps Custom Items

PVM Orginal Pvm pvp


Pvm pvp Farming Mid Rate Pvp PVM

Orginal Pvp High Rate Easy