Virtus Wow 3.3.5 PvP

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Rank700 Random Server
Website Website
Discord Discord
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Version 3.3.5
Type Arenas Battlegrounds Dungeons Instant 80 Events
Last Update11 May 2020
Join Date11 May 2020


Virtus is a project is formed by a group of experienced players and developers with a desire to create something that we felt was missing.

The point of the server is to provide an accessible and well made WotLK high-end experience with a design that meets highest competitive requirements for both PvP and PvE.

In that context, the realm is featuring:

Instant 80 3.3.5a WotLK
Instant gearing with most of the gear Free
Transmog including all ingame skins
Strong and updated anticheat

PvP specifics:

2v2, 3v3, 3v3 SoloQueue
Rated Battlegrounds
Arena Spectator
Anti-snipe features
Automated looking for group for arenas
World PvP and Dueling zones

PvE specifics:

Mythic+ Dungeons
Dedicated competitive Ladder
Automated looking for group for dungeons


Clear and easy to use Bug Tracker
Community oriented management