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Version 7.0.3 7.1.5 7.3.5 7.2.0 Legion
Type Blizzlike Crossfaction Scripted Instances
Location United States
Last Update20 May 2023
Join Date13 May 2023


-25x EXP rate so you can join the fight against the burning legion faster than ever
-7.3.5 client but content locked to 7.0.3.
-gold, rep etc 1x.
- Realm first races with EPIC rewards. (Can you kill Xavius first?)
-stackable & instant cast artifact power (no more waiting untill your character gets powerful!)
- higher starting artifact knowledge (starting at 3 artifact knowledge)
-never before seen artifact knowledge increases (gain 2 artifact knowledge every week instead of 1)
-Active english/spanish speaking staff.
-NO donation for gear (you can still donate for mounts, custom transmog, custom morphs etc)
-Fast bug fixes.
-2x Legendary drops (weekends might include an increase in legendary drops.)
-active discord server (link: