Wow Legion Private Servers

Wow Legion private server will rise the cap level to 110. Wow Legion Server introduces artefact weapons, new hero class Demon Hunter and PvP system.


Legion Mists of Pandaria Wow Server

7.3.5 Legion Blizzlike Low Rates Professional Staff No Lag PVP

Legion 7.3.5 Blizzlike Battlegrounds Raids Transmogrifier Arenas

3.3.5 7.3.5 Legion Blizzlike Dungeons Events Professional Staff Battlegrounds

7.2.0 7.3.2 7.3.5 Arenas Battlegrounds Blizzlike Dungeons PVP

Battle for Azeroth Wrath of The Lich King Legion Blizzlike All Professions Mid Rates

7.3.5 Blizzlike

7.3.5 Blizzlike PVE

7.3.5 Legion BFA Trinity Blizzlike

98 7.3.5 Legion Blizzlike Arenas Crossfaction Friendly Staff Professional Staff

7.0.3 6.2.3 5.4.8 Arenas Scripted Instances Cross Realm High Population Blizzlike

7.3.5 Legion BFA Instant 110 Custom No Lag Scripted Instances

3 3.3.5a 4.3.4 5.4.8 6.2.4 7.3.5 High Rates Professional Staff Friendly Staff Scripted Scaling

Legion 7.3.5 Argus Blizzlike PvE Only PVP Professional Staff Voting Rewards

3.3.5a 7.0.3 Blizzlike Instant 80 Crossfaction Custom Quests Custom Items

Legion Voting Rewards Donate Reward Blizzlike No Bugs No Lag

7.3.5 Custom Custom Commands Custom Scripts funserver instant 110

7.3.2 GM Server

Wrath of The Lich King Cataclysm Legion Arenas BG Rating Custom No Lag PVP

7.2.5 Blizzlike Donate Reward Rewards

7.0.3 Legion High Rates Voting Rewards Professional Staff No Lag Scripted

Legion 1.12 7.3.2 Blizzlike Trinity Scripted No Lag Scripted Instances

7.3.5 Blizzlike

3.3.5a Legion Blizzlike No Bugs Voting Rewards Dungeons No Lag

7.0.3 Blizzlike Custom BG Rating All Professions Fun Realm

Legion Battlegrounds Custom Events Custom Quests Dungeons All Professions

Legion 7.3.2 Build 25549 Arenas Battlegrounds Blizzlike Medium Rates Scripted Instances

Wrath of The Lich King WOD Legion All Professions Professional Staff Arenas Battlegrounds Max Level 255

Legion 7.3.5 Trinity Test Beta

7.3.5 Roleplay Custom Rol


Legion 7.3.5 Blizzlike Donate Reward Dungeons Friendly Staff Trinity

Legion No Lag Blizzlike Low Rates Medium Rates

Legion Blizzlike Custom Custom Content Friendly Staff All Professions

Legion Max Level 100

7.1.5 Instant 110 PVP

3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King Legion Blizzlike Crossfaction Custom Donate Reward Events

Legion Dungeons Events Professional Staff No Lag Progression

7.1.5 Funserver Fun Realm Events

7.3.5 Blizzlike Trinity

3.3.5a 5.4.8 7.3.5 All Professions Arenas Battlegrounds BG Rating Custom

Legion 7.3.5 Blizzlike Custom Scripts No Cheats No Hacks Professional Staff

7.3.5 Blizzlike