Hellgarve Legion

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Website wowhellgarve.com
Discord Discord
Version 7.3.5
Type Crossfaction Bounty Hunter Friendly Staff Blizzlike Voting Rewards Friendly Roleplay PVE PVP Arenas Events
Last Update25 Aug 2022
Join Date17 Aug 2022


Welcome to Hellgarve Legion! v.7.3.5 (build 26365) 

Our server is a Blizzlike PvePvP with Exp and Drop rate x5.

We have Double Exp event on weekends.

You will receive Gifts while playing for hours!, and you clan play with the enemy faction together with our Cross faction PVE.


We have a special feature for the Bounty Hunting system! [Insert Run b, run! meme here].
Someone wants you dead.. RUN!

Custom transmogs to get with a special currency and more! 
Our Raids, Instances and Legion Dungeons are working. 

Our Developers are dealing with the Burning Legion 24/7 to fix the bugs they cause. 

Automatic and custom events with Weird Easter Eggs to discover.
Battle Pets working properly.
Multicultural active staff in English, Español, Dutch and Russian.
We love Roleplayers! If you're a Roleplayer, you're Invited!

Special, Amazing and Awesome feature!: The Solocraft Technology.
Your stats will be balanced to the dungeon and raid requirements. 

We have a in game store!: The Battle Shop
And of course a Online Store for your Donation and Vote Points!

[ Enjoy a unique experience on our Hellgarve Legion server! | Register today!]