Wow Bounty Hunter servers

The Bounty Hunter is a custom PvP feature, a NPC that works on a custom C++ script. It will give rewards for hunting certain players that have a reward on their head. Players must talk to the NPC to view available tasks and to claim rewards.

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Bounty Hunter World of Warcraft Server List


RetroWoW Instant 60

Wow private servers RetroWoW Instant 60
1.12.1 Vanilla Classic Instant 60 Vanilla Crossfaction Scripted Instances No Lag Professional Staff 6 Years Online 2v2 Arena 247 Battlegrounds

Unlimited WoW LvL255

Unlimited WoW LvL255
3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King Max Level 255 Fun Realm Battlegrounds Events PVP PVE Scripted Instances Tier 1 20 Biggest WoW Server

SoloCraft PlayerBots

SoloCraft PlayerBots
1.12 1.12.1 BattleBots PlayerBots Professional Staff


3.3.5a Bounty Hunter Custom Instant 255 Max Level 255 PVP PVE


4.3.4 Arenas Battlegrounds Crossfaction Friendly Staff Instant 85 PVP PvE Bounty Hunter Custom Events Custom Scripts

Hellgarve Legion

7.3.5 Crossfaction Bounty Hunter Friendly Staff Blizzlike Voting Rewards Friendly Roleplay PVE PVP Arenas Events

Wotlk-World PVP FUN

3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King All Professions Battlegrounds BG Rating Bounty Hunter Custom Commands Crossfaction Friendly Staff Fun Realm Funserver


7.3.5 All Professions Battlegrounds Blizzlike Bounty Hunter BG Rating Custom Arenas Custom Commands Custom Content Custom Events

Titans-League Battle

3.3.5a Trinity Custom Battlegrounds Max Level 80 Transmogrifier Bounty Hunter Crossfaction Custom Content Custom Items Custom Quests


3.3.5a Custom Content Custom Items Custom Quests Custom Scripts Voting Rewards Trinity ClassLess Bounty Hunter Transmogrifier Custom Commands