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Website hellscreamwow.com
Discord Discord
Version 3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King
Type Blizzlike No Cheats No Hacks Professional Staff Transmogrifier Low Rates AzerothCore Fresh
Location Germany
Last Update26 Jan 2024
Join Date14 Jan 2024


HellscreamWoW - FRESH PVE - Blizzlike WOTLK - US

HellscreamWoW.com launched early access to our new Blizzlike Wrath+ realm in development called Garrosh.

  • Fresh PVE realm
  • All content, dungeons and raids are open
  • 1X Blizzlike rates & leveling experience
  • Double XP weekend starts every Friday at 6 p.m. GMT
  • Cross-Faction with newcomers guild
  • Fast-rested regeneration in Inns & cities
  • Cozy fire XP buff
  • XP potions are available
  • Anticheat enabled
  • Friendly, American-English-speaking GM's

HellscreamWoW does not develop pay-to-win realms.  All store items are available for Voting Points AND Donation Points

PLEASE NOTE: All dungeons and raids are Blizzlike and require proper groups to complete. We realize it will take some time to build a population, and we appreciate the players who are patient enough to realize this as well.

Our website is getting a complete makeover this weekend, so please don’t let it deter you. We are a small team of dedicated and passionate WoW players who look forward to building an amazing community!

Future features in development include, but not limited to:

  • Refer-A-Friend is currently in development
  • Capital City Quartermasters with new reputation items
  • Hardcore Challenge Modes
  • New enhancements, foods, items, crafting patterns, recipes, and more!
  • Custom areas in previously undeveloped zones
  • A fun new way to prestige!
  • New companions to provide a variety of services and utility
  • Runestones teleport the caster to a variety of portal locations
  • A custom launcher to keep your client up to date on the most recent patch updaates
  • A return to Stratholme, Scholomance, and Blackrock Spire with level 80 loot!
  • New exotic mounts, pets, and more models from newer expansions
  • New outdoor raid area: Blackrock Stronghold
  • ...and so much more!  

We are just getting started with this project and would love to have you, so please bear with us as we work out the bugs and settle into a long journey to defeat the Lich King and all of the bad guys throughout the World of Warcraft! 

Come join our friendly and helpful community!  We look forward to playing with you!

Lok’tar O’gar!


Site: https://www.hellscreamwow.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/RwyvCRnT3T

Community Manager
The Community Managed is responsible for communicating with our players through our website, Discord, various websites and in-game.