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Version 3.3.5a
Type Custom Funserver Custom Items Custom Events Custom Content Custom World Boss Custom Scripts Fun Realm Arenas
Last Update09 Nov 2022
Join Date29 May 2022


The best lvl 85 3.3.5 fun server. Contribute in monthly/weekly events and increase your chance to win real money $$.
Custom Instances, Custom Items, Custom Xmog, Custom Spells and talents!!!

Change Logs
04 Aug 2022

Join Our Discord to Create an account and enjoy the game.

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13 Aug 2022

- Silver VIP is now available for both VT and DP. you can check the silver VIP preview vendor for this quest. it cost 300 VT

- After Restart UF will have 5M HP to make it easier for new comers.

- All Farmable Gears should have 1.5X more stats on them now. This has been done to reduce the gap between Farmable gears and VIP gears.

- We changed [Quick Dragon's Eye] yellow gem to no limit. It also gives +50 haste instead of +34 and does not require JC any more.

16 Aug 2022

We have Added Mond-Wow Reputation. You can increase your reputation by doing quests to compelete your achievements and gain Rewards such as flying mounts up to 350%, cosmetics wings and titles.

01 Sep 2022

Changelog for DonationStore:

- internal refactoring of code
- now removes all items from previous VIP Set on upgrade (some were left in bags/bank)
- refunds 50% of gems (Silver-Dream Gem) for upgraded items on VIP-Upgrade, valid for up to 10@ of same VIP (no refund for chance gems) -> higher upgraded items than your current VIP will not be deleted
- display DP cost of Full Talents & Titan's Grip now
- fix system-message error when purchasing Full Talents
- refund all gems on gear (meta, yellow, red, blue...)

Changelogg for item upgrader :

-keeps Gems on gears
-Doesnt use chance gem if its 100%

Changelog for VIP accounts :

VIP accounts get +10 talent points now.

Changelog for xmog-item vendor:

You can now use enchant's visuals on your weapon

03 Nov 2022

New Instance: The Clash Of Titans has been released:
1. You Will need Clash of titan portal which Drops From Azshara with 20% chance In order to be able to teleport to Clash of titans
2. this item is consumable, meaning every time you teleport there it will be removed from your bag.
3. It is Tradable.
4. Drop Rate for gears in Clash of titans is 3%.
5. You can not Reset the instance.
6. Respawn Time is 2Hours.
7. recomended to be able to farm there is HP 3.7M

09 Nov 2022

We added a new rewarding system which benefits both players and server.

you can subscribe by paying 200 vote point for a month. You will receive 1x DP(Donation Point)  every 5 hours you play.

- After Applying this system we will no longer reward DP as Reward for events.
- The only way to achieve DP will be whether Paying for it or subscribe to rewarding system.