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Status Online
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Version 1.16.x 1.16.1
Type Survival Spigot Bukkit Player Shops Hermitcraft Economy Land Claim Vanilla Survival Fun SMP
United Kingdom
Last Update24 Jul 2020
Join Date15 May 2020


Hello! If you are anything like me I can imagine lockdown has got you bored and you need something to do! Well my server is a great server to just log on and play endlessly without even realising you’ve played that long!

If you are also a fan of hermitcraft and have always wanted to be apart of a server like that, this is your best option! We have all the same datapacks as Hermitcraft aswell as /warp, ect.

Basic rules are Dont X-RAY! No other hacks please! Be friendly swearing is allowed just not at other players No stealing from shops (we have a land claim plugin so its impossible to steal from peoples bases)
We average around 5** /15 players ** online at all times but active hours of the day we can get around 10/20 players online (non afk)! We have admins that cover all time-zones so they can help you out with anything you need! :)
We have anti-greif plugins including land claims (just make it so you can’t break blocks, you can still enter houses) and all the plugins / datapacks on the server are very well made and easy to understand for everyone!
This server is a very high end server with the hardware (specifics are at the bottom of the page)
therefore there is minimal to no lag you will experience!
specs i9 9900k cpu 20gb ram ddr4 1gbps uplink the highest possible ddos protection unmetered nvme ssd’s

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