Runescape private servers list

RSPS list containing the most popular servers ranked by players. Choose from our topsite the most popular runescape private server to play online.

Runescape Server List + Add New Server

Custom Server Custom

667 Custom Content Custom Bosses Custom Raids Custom Weapons Custom Minigames

317 Boss Pets Bosses Community Driven Duel Arena Economy

317 pre eoc

317 100 Bosses 15 Minigames 200 Achievements 24 skills active players

317 spawn master israel pking instant pking

Osrs 25 Bosses Custom Slayer Custom Home 24 skills 40 Quests

OSRS 474 Oldschool Runescape Oldschool Clan Pking Instant Pking PKing

Spawn Economy Instant PK PK PKing

OSRS 179 Osrs runelite

317 Runescape Oldschool Runescape Eco Server Economy PvM

317 667 50 Customs AOE Weapons Game of Thrones Minigame Final Fantasy NarutoXSasukeXSakura

317 deadman pvp pve cannon inferno

317 Custom

706 498 474 oldschool PKing Community Economy osrs

342 718 200 Achievements 15 Minigames 120 capes 25 Bosses All skills working

317 474 Perfect Switches Perfect Combat Active community Duel Arena CLAN SYSTEM

718 839 Eco Server PVM Daily Updates New Bosses

preeoc osrs 20 Minigames All Skills Perfect Stable Economy Large Player Base PlayerGE

516 718 25 Skills 120 capes Boss Pets active players player owned shops

317 100 Bosses Active community Custom Content Custom Minigames Custom Bosses

317 Custom

317 Active community Raids 1 Raids 2 Achievements Perfect Combat

highscores Osrs Content osrs gp Tournaments Perfect Combat Economy

Osrs Everything All skills working Forums Dedicated Active community

345 718 910 Economy PvE PvM Minigames Skilling

OSRS Economy 40 Bosses Minigames Grand Exchange Revenants


317 v13

317 Custom 100 Bosses Osrs Rs3 Custom Minigames

317 dedicated Invention upgradablepets upgradableitems custom zones and tier custom minigames

718 Osrs Zulrah Osrs Data Perfect Combat Custom Maps Custom Interfaces

317 bounty hunter Economy Working Skills Perfect Switches treasure trails

OSRS 530 Boss Pets Abyssal Sire Inferno

317 Prestige System King of the Wild Custom Bosses Custom Items Active community

317 Old School Skilling Bosses funpk yell

317 PKing

317 Oldschool Runescape Friendly Community Unique Content Boss Pets Custom Minigames

184 831 887 Active community Economy Grand Exchange T92 bosses Weekly Events

317 Oldschool Runescape Community 50 Customs 100 Grand Exchange 100 bosses

317 25 Bosses 15 Minigames Daily Updates Active community Economy

317 10 Bosses 21skills Eco Server Minigames

317 pvm Anti Scam Gambling 10 Minigames Dedicated Active community

639 25 Skills Boss Pets 15 bosses 7 minigames Community Driven

474 508 Active Wilderness Premade Sets Tournament events Nr1 Spawn Server Bossing

317 Dungeoneering ZMI altar Runecrafting Guild Unique Content Queen Black Dragon


317 Multi Worlds Soul Wars Clan Wars Unique Active community