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Discord Discord 369
Version 718 Economy PVM
Type Pre EOC NO RS3 NO OSRS All Skills Multiple GameModes Events Active Community Clean Content
Location United States
Last Update19 Apr 2023
Join Date14 Jul 2016


BlissScape Pre-EOC

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Welcome to BlissScape!

BlissScape started as a passion project but has grown into something I can really be proud of.

BlissScape is a 718/718 RSPS focusing on keeping the feel of 2012 Runescape gameplay, but a bit more Blissful. Hence the name. You'll notice extremely quickly the quality of life content and user-friendly design of the server. This is the main goal. Such as simply clicking on a skill in the Skills tab to teleport to its training locations. BlissScape has all the content you're used to seeing in 718s, plus plenty extra. Here are some examples of Unique Content:

Full Construction Build and customize your house however you like, just like real Runescape! It is also free of many of the pesky bugs you see on other servers with Construction.  

Full Real Slayer! When I say full, I mean full. It's not like most other servers that have 25 tasks total mainly being rock crabs and other random non-slayer npcs. In BlissScape you'll enjoy every single slayer task from real Runescape. Including fully Glacors and Tormented Demons. All 7 slayer masters, with nearly 250 different tasks to enjoy! Only one thing could make it more enjoyable... Every single task has a teleport location build it - which means it's as easy as one click to teleport to the location of your task. No worry about searching for teleport options, wondering if they're even where they should be or any hassle what-so-ever. One click and you're there. On top of that, you can use the ::slayer command to teleport to any of the slayer monsters even when you're not on the task! Want to hunt down that Abyssal Whip? Simply type ::slayer abyssal demons  

Full Dungeoneering! Dungeoneering has been built exactly like Runescape! Explore all 60 floors of Deamonhiem: including frozen, abandoned, furnished, occult, and warped floors! Fight every single boss, move past guardian doors, skill doors, and puzzle rooms. Make armor, fish and cook food, use gatestones and find keys. You won't find a server with a more complete Dungeoneering than this.

Player Owned Shops! When I started seeing servers with Player Owned Shops, I knew it was something my server needed. Create your own shop, or search for others - whether or not the other player is online. You can search for items, search for players, or just view shops with recent activity. This makes it extremely easy to buy and sell items.

Unique Prestige System I've always loved the idea of prestiging but always hated how most servers handled it. Usually, you just reset your stats and get some points, but you lose your rank on the highscores and any xp you received after 99... I wanted a prestige system that actually made it better to use than not use. Prestiging is handled one skill at a time. You can prestige a skill once it reaches 200m xp (Not unreasonable, the xp rate is very fair). This way there's no way of you wasting any xp after 99. Once you prestige a skill, you will not lose your place on the Highscores - 1 prestige level 25 will be ranked above 0 prestige level 99. It will also add on to your total level for the main highscores, making it beneficial for you to prestige! Level 99 prestige 1 = 198 total level! Most things you can't continue to use when you reset, and you'll need to level up again to use them (Armor, weapons, tools, materials) However, prestiging will be taken into consideration when wearing any skillcapes, max cape, and comp cape! That means when you prestige you can still show off your great achievements. Xp is halved every time you prestige, making it more of a challenge! You receive 100 prestige points for prestiging that can be spent in the prestige shop (which currently holds drygores!)

There's so much else I'd love to write about, but you'll just have to come experience it yourself! You can read about the many updates to the server on the homepage.