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EZ-FiveM | RolePlay | vMenu | Menu Based | Custom Cars | Custom ymaps/MLO’S | Active Staff

About Us

EZ-FiveM is a FiveM roleplay community developed with our players in mind. Our server provides unique custom scripts and MLO's which add a special feel to the server. All suggestions are taken into consideration, and during our current developmental stages, anything you suggest that can actually be added to the server, might just get added.

Content We Have

Custom Loading Screen
Variety of Vehicles for Civilians, LEO, EMS, and others.
Custom map including fully custom Sandy Shores (extremely lively), Paleto Bay (customized), Grapeseed (customized), and statewide interiors.
Silent alarm robberies, active LEO, and active staff members.
Custom emote menus.
Fully custom vehicles.
AOP and Priority Cooldowns.

Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/RC6mEXB

Server IP Address:

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