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Status Online
Current Mapfivem-map-hipster
Last Ping8 minutes 24 seconds ago
Type Zombie Survival ESX Freeroam Cars Custom Drugs Roleplay PvP PvE
Location United States
Last Update31 Jan 2024
Join Date10 Jan 2024


Project ALPHA is a newly crafted laid-back Zombie Survival server running on the ESX Legacy framework, based in the United States. This server takes inspiration from games such as DayZ, RUST, Dying Light 2, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

We’re currently launching our server into the first month very soon if our testing sessions pan out okay.

Project ALPHA introduces an easy, fun, and enjoyable FiveM Zombie Survival experience. There are a variety of different areas to explore, different missions to complete, and always new loot to discover. Project ALPHA allows players to obtain large gains from taking the time to search, and play.

- We are a new Zombie Survival actively looking to build up a loyal player base. We appreciate any, and all visitors. Everyone is welcome.

- The Project ALPHA Community is very welcoming, if you ever feel frustrated or need help, someone will always be there to assist you!

- Project ALPHA welcomes everyone to try before they have any judgment, consider playing and learning about our community if you feel any sort of doubt. You will not be disappointed.

Please be sure to read our rules before participating in Project ALPHA, we would hate to see any players receive infractions because they couldn’t take 5-10 minutes to read basic rules.

Project ALPHA | Server Features

Base Building

Boss Fights

Nightmare Zones

Endless Loot






Player Shops

Scuba Diving



Auction House

Radioactive Zones

Hazard Zones

Weapon Crafting


+ much more

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