Last Days Survival

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Welcome to Last Days Survival - a FiveM based survival roleplay server.

We have many features to explore and plan to continually provide regular updates and additional features shaped by our community.

Last Days is a semi-serious roleplay server; no shoot on sight, vdm, rdm.


The outbreak has spread across San Andreas. There are only few uninfected remaining, Infected are everywhere and they are hungry.

The city is full of looting opportunity; during the day infected are fairly docile but still present a real threat, by night the infected become stronger and faster!

Have you got what it takes to survive? You start out with a few basic survival items; water, food, bandages and a gun. Good luck.



Skills - Work on your abilities; run for longer, hit harder, shoot more accurately and drive like a pro.

Water - Gather water from any water source and store in your flask, make sure to boil it.

Forage - Bushes and varying plants for berries, vegetables, crops.

Fishing - Catch many kinds of fish, bait can help improve your chances.

Hunt - All sorts of wild animals.

Cook - Boil water to make it safe, cook animal meat and veg, create advanced recipes for extra benefits.

Farm - Become a farmer. Gather seeds and grow your own food, from berries to wheat.

Mine - Mine using varying tools for stone and ores for crafting from all over the map.

Lumber - Chop any tree to gather wood to craft and cook from all over the map.

Survival Craft - Craft basic stone tools and medical items anytime.

Tools - Tools usually have 2 tiers. Better tools help get the job done faster and last longer.

Infection - Being attacked by infected can make you sick. A gas mask can be helpful.



Loot almost anything, higher tier loot is available during the night.


Ammo Crates

Weapon Crates

Medical Boxes



Electric Boxes

Car Shells



and more...



Trade anything you own, find or create at the marketplace found in most safe zones.

Profit by farming and selling food, mining and selling ores, crafting and selling items.



Become a master crafter. In depth crafting system with blueprints and level.

Vehicles - Build your own car or boat using your gathered resources to make parts. Many custom vehicles and more to come...

Weapons - Craft melee weapons, pistols, smgs, ******* rifles, snipers, attachments, bombs and more.

Tools - Craft better tools to gather materials and resource more efficiently.


Living - Motels/Bases/RV's


Areas offering safety, crafting and cooking. Rooms can be rented for a price providing secure storage.



Build your own bases and become self sufficient, build a small hut or a fortress, the choice is yours.

Crew - Join friends and build together.

Crafting equipment - Build your own crafting benches; including repairs, stone drill, forge, vehicle craft and more. 

Utilities - Run lights on generators, build a bed or sofa to relax and regen.

Defenses - Construct defensive walls and gates to keep unwanted visitors out.

Upgrade - Upgrade wooden panels with metal to reinforce.

RAID - Raid other bases using explosives provided you have the resource.

Oil Drilling - Generate your own fuel by drilling for oil at your base *coming soon.



Coming soon

Cayo Perico & Islands

Living on a remote island has it benefits, infected are yet to move away from the mainland making island living fairly safe and resources plentiful. Defend your claim!

More Islands coming soon!


Extra Activities

RAIDS - Occasionally infected will attempt to takeover a building or area. Clear them out to find rare loot, make sure you are well prepared!

Crash Sites - Make sure to take advantage and scavenge what you can! Don't forget to take a torch..