So Cal DOJ RP V3.0

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Type Cops Custom Cars Custom Jobs Ems Serious Rp Roleplay Police Economy doj
Location United States
Last Update27 Jul 2023
Join Date14 Apr 2023


Hello, im GotCha

We are a fairly new community named So Cal DOJ RP V3.0, and I would like to invite you to the city!

We have:
Friendly Staff 
Friendly and Helpful Members

Custom EUP
QBCore Framework
Player Owned Businesses and Shops
Drag Racing
Street Racing
Car Show Events
Personal Vehicles Welcomed
Item Crafting For Mechanics
Custom Wheels
Custom Scripts
Custom Interiors
Custom Vehicles
Addon Custom Cars and Trucks

Serious RP/Realistic RP 16+ To join

We would like Civilians but we also need to fill departments, these departments are all open to apply to:
San Andreas State Troopers~State
Dispatch Emergency Management
Civilian Operations And More Sub-Divisions For Each!!
Join Our Discord!

Video Maker
Need someone to make video content for our YouTube, TikTok as well as other social media sites. Please contact via discord DM GotCha#5331