End of Days ZSRP

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Status Online
Current Mapfivem-map-skater
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Type Roleplay Zombies Survival ZombieRP Custom Crafting Factions Apocalypse RP Zombie
Location United States
Last Update04 Mar 2024
Join Date04 Mar 2024



End of Days Zombie Survival Roleplay is a zombie roleplay server on FiveM that immerses yourself in a world full of zombies.and a unique lore. Founded back in March 2017.


Some of the features of this feature include:

  • Zombies - A custom zombie spawning framework, they react to sound, sight, and have some variants
  • Factions - Players have the ability to create a faction and have the chance to have a purpose in the apocalyptic world, whether that is roleplaying as a villainous group, or just a group of survivors trying to survive and help those in need of help.
  • Crafting - A robust and simplified crafting system that has a wide variety of props you can craft and place down, as well as ability to craft other things like weapons, vehicles, and more
  • Weather and Time - A custom weather and time system, weather zones are a thing and change dynamically, and timezones are also a thing too
  • Custom Addon Maps - There are a lot of custom addon maps and extra places to explore, in addition to added wreckage and overgrowth in the cities, and more
  • Roleplay - An immersive experience where you make your character and RP as a character immersing yourself in an apocalyptic world with the threat of zombies and potentially other players
  • Events - Every now and then, we host a wide variety of events to provide more story to the RP or reward players with loot, vehicles and weapons

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