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Come check out THE NEW Idaho Department of Justice RolePlay!

IDOJRP is a community based on the state of Idaho. The server was created by 4 friends who got tired of the toxicity common in some servers and wanted to create their own community where people could join and have fun without the toxicity. WE ARE MADE FOR THE PLAYERS, we strive to make the server what our members want. If they want a car added, we will actually consider it. Have an idea for a plugin? EXCELLENT! Send it to us and we can take a look! Think something should be changed? No problem! We also love to give people the opportunity to work their way up, you will not be stuck as a Officer for an extended period of time, we also promote people to Moderator regularly.

We are an economy based "ESX" server with MANY fantastic jobs, cars, Custom EUP, Teamspeak, CAD, We provide 30K Starting money, and many plugins. All vehicles are as realistic to the IRL liveries as they can be. We strive to maintain a realistic and serious feel, with Active staff, while still having a lot of fun.

Departments hiring:
Idaho State Police (ISP)
ADA County Sherriff
Idaho State Communications

If you are interested please join our discord, we would love to have you as a member of our community!
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