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Change Logs
10 Jan 2017

Runixscape Server Updates News

10 Jan 2017

OK, after doing some review, I think that PKing should be promoted on Runixscape. In order to fix the issue regarding overpowered perks, perks are not considered active while in PvP areas. This applies to all perks. However, once you exit a PK area, the perks will activate again. This is to help balance those who wear full tk shadowmourne soul split with guthan perk. This should help. The perk shop can not be opened while you are able to PK either, which helps an issue if someone walked into white portal with a timer and tried buying a perk they already had. This possibility of happening has been taken care of. 


Also, shadowmourne and dwarven warsuit longsword have had their damaged nerfed by 2x while in a PvP area.


10 Jan 2017

Heavily modified the way in which you can create objects.

Objects can now be created, and removed at will.

Known issues:

Creating and removing the same object more than 4 times causes it to null and you need to exit-re-enter house to fix it.
Deleting a room that has objects inside it will x you house up. Do ;;clearbuiltobjects to delete all of your built objects in your house
If your house is fucked up, or you just don't like it, use ;;resethouse to reset the house to factory settings (WARNING THERE IS NO PROMPT, IT WILL DO IT AUTOMATICALLY AFTER YOU TYPE THE COMMAND)
Thank you for reading guys hope you enjoy :D


10 Jan 2017

Economy was reset.

Pets, Player owned shops, Inventory, Equipment, and Banks have all been reset.

This includes perks, polymorphs as well.

Players who donated, have their total donated (in tokens) refunded back to them (always rounded up to the nearest dollar).

Drop rates have become 88% harder to achieve, thus making bossing and rare drops actually worthwhile.

Leave feedback here on thoughts.

10 Jan 2017

Patch Notes 1/8/2017

Reduced fee for Dark Lord entry from 500B to 5B.
Fixed YK'Lagor teleport area, and added a portal to exit it.
New Commands:
New Perks:
Always Serpentine: Acts as if you are always wearing a Serpentine helm to inflict venom on your targets
Lucky DTD Thrower: 10% Chance to not consume a Deathtouched Dart when thrown.
Death Avoider: When you die, you instead revive and heal to full health. Cooldown: 1 Hour
Known issue: Cooldown doesn't work and you always revive on death. I will be fixing this at another time.

10 Jan 2017

Daedric restoration staff now heals 100x less damage in pvp situations.

Shadowmourne had a random chance of hitting 1-30 hits during its spec. In pvp it will now hit 1-5 random hits, to nerf it. Also i removed the damage lowering thing from shadowmourne in pvp, it now hits full damage

10 Jan 2017

Teamspeak & In-game Bug Fixes 1/8/2017

Teamspeak is now live on Runixscape, Visit the top right corner of the Forum page to join our channel.

In-Game Fixes

Runixscape manager donator zone teleport no longer takes you to Soulwars location, but rather opens the MiscTeleports dialogue instead.

10 Jan 2017

Hello, the drop rate has been changed, improved from 88% reduction to 82% reduction. Enjoy your gains!

I will slowly be increasing the rates to ensure the eco does not go insane as it did in the past.


10 Jan 2017

Polymorphs can now be previewed before you purchase them! Update will take effect likely on 1/7/2017