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Version 719
Type Low Rates Economy Skilling
United States
Last Update18 Feb 2014
Join Date18 Feb 2014

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Uber Bosses - Dualwield Drygores - Hybrid Revolution Combat - Pure Economy - Prestiges - 120 Skills After 6th Prestige - 12th Prestige For Partyhat! - Level Up Fast When Low Prestige - Get More Drops By Prestiging! - Difficulty Increases Each Prestige!

"Pure Economy - PvP/PvM - Minimal Shops - 12 Prestiges - 120 All Skills After 6th Prestige - Classic/Revolution Combat Hybrid - Hardcore Skilling - Hardcore Bosses - Hardcore PvP - Begin On Fastest XP/Lowest Drops, End With Slowest XP/Best Drops"

What is a "Pure" economy?
Where nothing is given. Creating wealth is hard. Rewards are greatest. Endgame is the most fun. Gameplay is the most intense. The prestige is hardcore. Rares are an actual rarity.

Core Fundamental
It is simple: Every aspect of the game will be revolutionized in some way or another. Meaning custom content that fits the game's theme, has a role in the game, empowers the player, and gives you an enjoyable ride.

RuneSol Prestige
Prestiging is actually a central aspect of our core fundamental. Prestiging actually is rewarding, and not just restarting to grind more. By prestiging, you gain both more XP and better drops, you also unlock more abilities once you past 6th Prestige, by increasing your skills all to 120 max. This means more ways of training, more rewarding skilling, better gear and weapons, battle more powerful foes with greater rewards.

RuneSol Rares
Ending the whole thing off, having 12th Prestige grants you to all the benefits above at maximum, but also gives you a choice to start over completely at no prestige, in order to obtain a rare on RuneSol. This essential endgame, will drive the price of rares tremendously, by actually keeping them rare, and it becomes a great anchor for all of the economy to thrive off. And best of all, everyone has a chance to obtain a rare, by simply playing and enjoying the game.

RuneSol Unique Content
Along with being one of the few "pure" economy servers out there, myself coining the term, as it reflects it's ideals perfectly, RuneSol is also a rediscovery of the Pure Age of RuneScape, back when there was the highest surge of players during the wilderness and PKing days. RuneSol tries to bring back the respect of PvP as well as the New RuneScape where PvM has been the focus of the game.

Why join now?
• Join during the beta and get an exclusive title, 'Sol'!
• Be the first to play and get ahead of the others! Be the first to max prestige!
• Have a higher chance of being picked for a vacant staff position!
• Core values, current features & development plans/concepts below!

Core Philosophy
• Create the most thriving economic private server without premium payment or donation to access special features.
• 100% for fun and reliving the best moments and parts of RuneScape.
• Assemble a great community with friendly and helpful staff.
• "Endgame for everyone" Make sure drop rates are enjoyable and rewarding for all players.
• Dedication and passion drives all the creative/re-creative processes of development.

Currently in Beta
• 100% combat PvP & PvM
• Completely playable with economy, skills, combat, bosses and minigames!
• Dungeoneering, RuneSpan, PuroPuro
• Glacors, Strykewyrms, Jadinko Lair, Polypore Dungeon
• Fight Caves/Kiln, Yk’Lagor the Thunderous boss raid, KBD, Nomad, Oblivion
• GWD, Nex
• Crucible, PC, QBD, Corp, TD
• Drygore, Kalphite, Chaotic claws, Max/Comp cape
• Crucible weapons, revenants, PvP gear
• Dueling, dicing, Grand Exchange
• Custom titles, Achievements, Override shop
• Loyalty points, Squeal of Fortune, Auras
• Prestige mode/points
• Generous experience rates and drops! Will not take forever to reach endgame!
• No donation needed to access all gear and valuables!
• Difficulty levels for easier training or better drops

• Complete revamp of everything will make it as realistic as RuneScape as possible clean all bugs and glitches
• New minigames with PvPvM
• Better balancing of economy so all players thrive
• All items properly priced and stats correct
• New EoC models, load higher revision cache
• New layout, optimize function and features of server
• Redo dialogues and make it more player friendly
• Multiplayer quests
• Implement Bounty Hunting and expand from there to a dedicated PvPvM server
• Modify all drop tables to have more variation and higher range of drops
• Add sounds to all weapons and attacks
• Make custom boss battles long and harder
• Sheathing when out-of-combat
• Remove all player commands and implement in-game dialogues/buttons instead
• Make all skills free to begin training
• Bounty Hunter/PvP World
• High-risk PvP
• Player Slaying, Group Slayer
• Soul Wars
• Lootshare/coinshare
• Clans with tags
• Player-owned shops/Auction house

So, what are you waiting for?
Come check out RuneSol today!

(Ad updated 3.14.14)

Change Logs
28 Feb 2014
Added custom Uber dungeon with Uber boss. Come on to see never-before-on-server boss. Not even on RuneScape do you get to fight him face to face. Added Ice Strykewyrms and Frost dragons as well.