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Version 718
Type Economy 120 capes 25 Skills Chaotics Double Xp Loyalty System Combat 718 raids dungineering
United States
Last Update13 Apr 2017
Join Date29 Sep 2014

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ClickHereForPomoVid Digital Pkz   NEW SERVER, COME AND PLAY   Digital Pkz is back up and running and is looking for players This is a server where you can come and play Level up quickly and have fun with your friends, no down falls to playing.    We poll updates and players choose whats coming next!   Updating the server daily for your pleasure and boredom free making it easier to keep playing and having fun. Fixing things client side and in game drop rates as needed to make things more enjoyful for  the player, WHICH IS YOU! :D Aswell as keeping the server up 24/7   Features: ONE OF A KIND RAIDS! Uptime 24/7 Working Highscores Fully working Skills for all those skillers Skills go to 120 Master Capes w/ Particles! Working Godwars + Nex Working Clan Wars Flawless Combat in Wild! Friendly Staff and Players Working Resizable Client Customizable Max/Comp Capes Emotes fully working ^ Working Aura's Customizable Particles! :D Updated summoning, now no need for items! Charms / Pouches / Shards and there ya go!  

Change Logs
29 Sep 2014
120 Capes Implemented - EXP Caps Raised - Team ID's taken out so items aren't making you right click people in wild - Extreme Donor Area released - EXP Rates changed on all skills
01 Oct 2014
120 Stat Achievments announced across server, Fletching update for 95+, Networth command implimented, Client updates, Extreme Donor area improved
02 Oct 2014
Updated Prices and Pk Shop, Added in Crafting Dhides, added master skill cape seller to skill area
03 Oct 2014
Updating Shop prices (hardcoded), Custom Items : Black, Pink Partyhats. Squeel of Fortune Fixes and updates.
05 Oct 2014
Updating Slayer - Can now tp to your task as assigned ; Bloodwood tree added to skill area ; some objects added to corp/nex areas
06 Oct 2014
Fixed Slayer teleporting, Added in Puropuro (might be spelt wrong ;-;), Added in 4 new skilling wear shops and some fixes with cache
12 Oct 2014
Fixed noted items, new tzhaar area, item bonus fixes, drop rate fixes on glacors
13 Oct 2014
Updated summoning, now no need for items! Charms / Pouches / Shards and there ya go! updated a few prices, mining changes, few shop changes, item bonus changes
15 Oct 2014
Added subjugation robes to K'ril drop table + stats, fixed few commands, prices, New donor area for Sponsor donors.
22 Oct 2014
Fixed Construction to work like Summoning ranging from 1-120. 1-32 on oak, 32-68 on teak, 68-120 on mahogany. Fixed some stats on weapons, Implementing Halloween EVENT :D. Added some things to Woodcutting, Mining, Fixed XP from Firemaking to be less time consuming. Added some new objects to Skill Area, and some shop fixes.
08 Jul 2015
New Client Launcher released. Downloadable at
12 Mar 2017

Unique one of a kind raids added to the game in place of dungineering

24 Mar 2017

Home changed and reorganized to condense skills

24 Mar 2017

Condensing of skills and updating shops and vote pricing