Lunasty 317 OSRS

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Version 317
Type Need Staff Osrs Content cox tob Prestige System
United States
Last Update22 Mar 2023
Join Date15 Mar 2023


⚔️ Lunasty 317/OSRS/Semi-Custom ⚔️

Lunasty is a brand-new server welcoming all types of play styles! We have a multitude of content available for every player to enjoy, and take pride in our community-input driven updates! We are currently loading 207 data which includes all the maps and items for Tombs of Amascut (Currently in development)

🛡️Content & Features🛡️

Raids 1 & 2 (Cox & ToB)
Inferno mini-game
Solak, Glod, Seren, Revenant maledictus, Galvek world bosses
Shooting Stars & Crystal Tree events
Automated gambling
Automated tournaments
Last man standing
Wilderness hotspots & events
Bounty Hunter
Achievement Diaries
Weapon Upgrading
Battle pets with special combat boost or perks
Advanced player perk system
Prestige with rewards & perks
Crystalline Slayer
Wilderness Slayer
Grotesque Gaurdians
Pest Control, Duel Arena, Mage Arena mini-games
and so much more!