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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.8.x 1.9.x 1.16.x 1.17 1.18
Type Prison Minigames Custom Enchants Op prison Survival Popular Events Bed Wars Oneblock SMP
Location United States
Last Update30 Nov 2022
Join Date14 Feb 2016



Welcome to BrutalPrison, this will be your home for the next period of your life!

We are a premium OpPrison server featuring gangs, cells, pvp, drugs, custom enchantments, frequent updates and so much more!

Make your way to the top by working hard, passing all the mines and climbing through the prestige ranks! Are you more of a team player rather than solo? Build your gang and bring it to the top of the leaderboard, making a name for yourself!

No matter the path you wish to go for, start your adventure today and prepare for the best journey of your life!


Hello and welcome to the jartexnetwork server! A server where its free to play and also compatible with cracked minecraft. We have alot of gamemodes such as Skyblock, Skywars and bedwars You name it! We also have a lot of friendly players in the server. Also, do not worry about hackers because here we got a strong anticheat to prevent anything hapenning! Have fun playing the game!


Jartex Network is a multiple gamemodes server which includes survivals servers, minigames servers, factions etc... Jartex has a great community with a great staff, helpers always ready to help, with an active discord server too, and the most important its cracked :D.

This server is one of the best cracked servers i've played, less lags (less lags than other servers), less hackers (op anti cheat), and many more ! Feel free to join the server and the discord server too :D


The server has the best gamemodes, Unique maps, active playerbase and very friendly community. 


This server is one of the best servers i have personaly played on it is very fun and has many cool custom enchants and items. I love to mess around and generally i play skyblock dream, when i first started i made the simple cobblestone generator and then found out about all the custom items, enchantments, and then personal levels once i found out about those i started grinding my levels and got stuck for a while on getting past level 6, that's when i got in the boss world with the enchanted ores, guarded by golems and miners which made it exciting i had to fight for my life to get some high priced stuff it was fun and still is. I love how there are bosses that drop special loot. now to the intro the logo is a shield and its a minecraft server so i though if a bunch of blocks fell from the sky and formed a pixleated version of the logo (with out the JN) then you have the JN fly into the shield and have a shock wave that un-pixleates the logo.


this is server is best because its the best cracked server with alll fun minigames including popular Bedwars ANd Skywars . And this sever"s discord is also the best . You should definitely hop on to the server . ITS THEEE BESTTTTTT.

The server is great it has many things to do and I think you would like it too

I like this server because it is cracked, and it has a lot of minigames jsut like hypixel. VOTE FOR JARTEX NETWORKKKKK!!!!!!

Perhaps this is more of a personal issue but not being able to transfer over data from username to username (ie. changing your premium account's username into a different one). When I personally changed my username, someone had already signed up with the same username (presumably from a cracked account), and I had to go through the resetting password system which is just a hassle.
Besides that, the server is better than most servers I join. I prefer this server over Hypixel in regards to their minigame choices. 

As well as the bigger variety of options *that aren't just minigames* compared to a lot of the bigger servers. Their options of prisons, factions, kitpvp, survival, etc. far beat the options of Hypixel or any of the bigger name minecraft server.

Although, I do wish there was a rank option that would support the whole server but I understand where that could be a big hassle or it could just be too expensive. But I do love the rank options as they are relatively cheap as well as being beneficial but not too much pay to play/win. 

So far, I love the server. I am constantly on and am obsessed with the immortal factions game. Keep up the good work!



Jartex Network is a cracked server, that I very much love, it has amazing gamemodes such as Prison, Skyblock, Factions, Bedwars, Skywars, Creative, UHC, The Bridge (old fashion game where you break each others Nexus), Practice, and even survival! 


Jartex Network is really unique, and by that I mean that Jartex has its own maps and their own ranks! These Ranks from each gamemodes aren't that expensive and it is totally worth it.

"Jartex has its own maps"

If you are a bedwars player, or a Skywars, then you would know that Jartex has its own map other than ripping off hypixel's maps, this is very unique that it intends more creativity and fun, most of Jartex maps are themed from Mario.

"UNIQUE" (Bedwars)

Jartex has its own feature on bedwars where you can get brains per final kill (not guranteed, meaning a 20% drop chance) with brains you can buy cosmetics such as Lobby Cosmetics and Bedwars Cosmetics, now cosmetics is already pretty self explainable, There are bedwars cosmetics such as

Bed Destruction Effects, Kill messages, Wood Skins, Win Effects, Death Effects, Projectile Effects, etc. 

Jartex also has its own feature where you can buy really efficent talents on bedwars, they are Respawn Timer Decrease, Rusher (gives you 10% chance of getting speed for 5 when breaking a bed), Diamond Hoarder & Emerald Hoarder (gives you chances to a free extra diamond/emerald drop), Fireball delay timer, and spawn protection time increase.

"UNIQUE" (Skywars)

Skywars pretty much is the same like bedwars, it has talents, cosmetics, and brains, now the different part here is that you can win different kits from the Brain Washer, all the kits are pretty decent.

What is a brainwasher?

The Brainwasher is pretty much the main shop of jartex, there are 3 types of brains, they are:

Bronze Brain = 10 Brains to unlock

Silver Brain = 20 Brains to unlock

Gold Brain = 35 Brains to unlock

These brainwashers are like a wheelspinner, it is pretty cool, although you can get duplicates which will be exchanged for coins.


Jartex pretty much has its own ranks for both minigames, and games like Practice, Skyblock, Creative, etc. Every ranks has its own perks where its already listed in the information of the rank and are pretty fair priced.


Jartex Network forums is probably the best place to introduce yourself to being new to jartex. You can report exploiters, cheaters, bugs, and also campers in practice (video evidence is needed). Forums has a lot of things to do such as suggesting to make the community better, and of course it has a lot of staffs

Other gamemodes

Other gamemodes like practice, skyblock, factions, UHC, creative, survival, and prison works the same as other servers


Now as all of you may know voting is a way to promote servers to be a way larger community as example, link 3 is TOPG voting web, Jartex has a special offer in where you can get a free 3 day Iron rank (minigames) for 24 votes, and theres a 1 month iron rank for 240 votes. Not only that you can get iron rank for free but Jartex gives giftcards to the voting leaderboards (1st to 7th about 55 eu - 10 eu) and you can buy any rank using that giftcard money.

That is honestly my own opinion about Jartex Network, I am truly sorry for my english, and I am looking forward to Jartex to be a way better community.


once again, I am truly sorry for my terrible english, thanks for reading

Best Regards

- Dulcineaxx