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Version Osrs
Type PVP PVM ECO Gambling Active Community Driven Clan Pking Economy Minigame PKing
United States
Last Update23 Sep 2020
Join Date21 Sep 2020


Upcoming OSRS server looking for a steady player base to provide excellent content and provide an experience that differs from other servers completely community driven with a dedicated team and the experience to pull off a major release with smooth ease. Experience a vast world, enjoy a deeply involved community with a focus on a stable eco designed by a person who's studied international economics. 


This experience is designed from the ground up unlike anything before it by a veteran designer who's played Runescape for over a decade who knows what it takes to fill the void of what OSRS does not offer veteran or new comer players. This experience shall focus on in-depth immersion into the world of Cytho straying away from traditional designs and tradtional methods used since Soulsplit. 


Welcome to the world of Cytho. We will be honored to have you join us adventurer on our own quest to offer our vision on what we believe OSRS should be.