Silkroad Online Private Servers

Best top 100 for most popular silkroad private server ranked by players. Register for free on the Silkroad Online list to promote your SRO server.


Cap 110

Auto Events Free Silk Cap 120 D13

Cap 130 D15

Cap 110

cap140 PvE Rebirth Free Silk Freetoplay


Cap 90

Balanced Cap 110 Auto Events Coins System PvE

Cap 105

Cap 110

Cap 130 D14 Auto Events Free Silk Balanced

Balanced Battle Arena Cap 120 Auto Events Alchemy

Cap 110

PvP Cap 140 Coins System High Rate New Skills

Cap 100 Mid Rate Balanced Auto Events Battle Arena

Cap 120

Cap 110 D11 PvP Freetoplay Balanced

Cap 120 Auto Events Alchemy Balanced Battle Arena

Cap 100

Cap 110 Battle Arena Auto Events Cheap Silk CTF


Cap 110 Coins System D11 FGW Job

Cap 110

PvE Cap 80 Old School Cheap Silk New System

Cap 110

CAP 135 Balanced Job Based Auto Events Cheap Silk