Silkroad Online Servers in Egypt

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Cap 110

Cap 130 Auto Events Battle Arena Coins System D14

Cap 120

Cap 120

Cap 110

Cap 100

Cap 110 D11 Sro Auto Events Job Based

Cap 140

Cap 130

1.418 Auto Events Cap 130 Coins System D15 Cheap Silk

Cap 110 11Dg

Cap 120 CTF Free Silk D13 Auto Events

Cap 110 Free Silk Auto Events Job Temple Freetoplay

Cap 140 Auto Events Battle Arena New Skills Mid Rate

Cap 100 Battle Arena Balanced Coins System Cheap Silk

Cap 100 Auto Events Daily Events Low Rate Vote System

Cap 120

Cap 110

Cap 110

Cap 130 New System New Skills English Freetoplay

Cap 130 Auto Events Battle Arena Coins System Job

Cap 110 PVP D11 Play2Win

Cap 110 PvP PvE Coins System FGW


Cap 110

PvE Auto Events Balanced Battle Arena Cap 130

Cap 130 pvp

Cap 110

Cap 120 D13 PvP Auto Events Battle Arena

Cap 110

Cap 110 Cheap Silk Coins System Battle Arena FGW

Cap 110

Cap 130 D15

Cap 110 D11 PvP Freetoplay Balanced

Cap 110 Battle Arena Auto Events Cheap Silk CTF