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Dear friends!

The voting came to a close, and it's time for the long-awaited official announcement!
Abount 20.000 people took part on the vote, and the choice of most divided between chronicles GF and HF.
Therefore it was decided to open two servers,to satisfy the desires of both groups of players.

The first server will be "Union" with х5 rates and on Gracia Final platform!
The live start will take place on October 13, 2014.

The second lowarate server on High Five chronicles will be launched in November 2014.
Server name, rates and other information will be kept secret until the start of the campaign.

We invite you to participate in pre-launch contests and win valuable prizes for the start of a new server!

Thank you for choosing the RPG-club "Russia"!

While you wait for the opening of RPG-club "Russia" servers, we invite all lovers of quality /official platforms/ to the project of our partners www.HOLYWAR.pw.
Technical support of this project is provided by our team.
www.HOLYWAR.pw Quality PvP servers on official PTS platform.