Website l2renegade.com
Version Interlude
Type Classic
Location Germany
Last Update11 Jun 2023
Join Date11 Jun 2023


Exp/Sp : x30 (Premium: x40)
Adena : x7 (Premium: x10)
Drop : x7 (Premium: 10)
Spoil : x7 (Premium: 10)
Seal Stones : x7 (Premium: 10)
Raid Boss EXP/SP : x10
Raid Boss Drop : x3 (Premium: x5)
Epic Boss Drop : x1
Safe Enchant : +3
Max Enchant : +16
Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance : 55%
Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance : 60%
GMShop (Max. B-Grade)
Mana Potions (1000 MP, 10 sec Cooldown)
NPC Buffer (Include all buffs, 2h duration)
Auto-learn skills (Except Divine Inspiration)
Global Gatekeeper
Skill Escape: 15 seconds or /unstuck
1st Class Transfer (Free)
2nd Class Transfer (Free)
3rd Class Transfer (Full Retail Quest)
Subclass (Items required from Cabrio / Hallate / Kernon / Golkonda + Top B Weapon + 984 Cry B)
Subclass 5 Subclasses + Main (Previous subclasses to level 75 to add new one)
Noblesse (Full Retail Quest)
Buff Slots: 28 (32 with Divine Inspiration LVL 4)
Skill Sweeper Festival added (Scavenger level 36)
Skill Block Buff added
Maximum delevel to keep Skills: 10 Levels
Shift + Click to see Droplist
Global Shout & Trade Chat
Retail Geodata and Pathnodes
Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon at towns
Dimensional Rift (Min. 4 people in party to enter - Instance)
Olympiad circle 14 days. (Maximum Enchant +6)
Siege every week.
Max Clients/PC: 1