Lineage 2 Interlude Servers

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Interlude Lineage 2 Server List + Add New Server

Interlude 15x Rates GM Shop Global GK NPC Buffer

Classic Interlude C4 Low Rate Custom Weapon Custom Armor Antboot GM Shop

classic C4 Interlude Antboot Global GK GM Shop Mid Rate

Interlude C6 Low Rate No Custom Nolag Offline Shop Retail

Interlude Freya Custom Tattoos Custom Weapon Custom Zone Custom PvP Custom Armor

Interlude Mid Rate

Interlude Low Rate

Interlude Custom Armor Custom Weapon GM Shop Global GK High Rate

Interlude High Rate GM Shop Global GK NPC Buffer Offline Shop

Interlude x10 low rates l2off c6

Battles for Glory Goddess of Destruction Interlude Mid Rate Classic battle of the races racial battles 6 races

C6 Interlude Custom PvP Custom Tattoos Custom Zone Global GK GM Shop

Interlude Low Rate 1x Rates

Interlude C6

Interlude Custom Armor Custom Tattoos Custom Weapon Customs Low Rate

Interlude Custom Zone GM Shop Global GK Mid Rate NPC Buffer

Interlude Custom Armor Custom PvP Custom Weapon Customs

Interlude Antboot GM Shop NPC Buffer Offline Shop Nolag

Interlude Antboot Low Rate Nolag Offline Shop

Interlude Mid Rate