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Version 1.12.2
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United States
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Our Server is full of wonderful experiences. We have SMP and CMP, Creative has its own separate Ranks, these are FREE to earn, though to earn them you must gather up Builder-Points by building! Our server also has a few mini games access them with /travel. Games: Mob-Arena, Parkour, Cookie Clicker, and Elytra Parkour . The server also has custom plugin's made specifically for the server! Almost everything is GUI for ease of access!

Server Economy:

Our server economy uses Coins, coins can be used almost anywhere to buy things from the game-mode’s respected shops. To gain coins you can earn them by playing mini-games, voting, loot chest, monthly kit, and other ways depending where you plan to play.

Upon login make sure to check out the Server wiki using /help


Experience the fun and originality of classic survival
minecraft. With new mechanics and features and a self
operated easy to learn protection system. The fun is


Unleash your creativity. Get your own private plot
so you can build epic structures with your friends
or alone. As you build you'll gain Builder Points,
use these to rank up with /rankup. Each rank
has it's own commands/features!

Why us?

Well, that's simple. We are built based by community relations, and by the community. That means, the server is always willing to change and flexible with the players. If you have ideas or suggestions, go ahead and throw them at us! We're here for you, the players.

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