L2 SN Grand Crusade


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Version Grand Crusade
Type Low Rate Global GK GM Shop
Last Update12 Mar 2019
Join Date08 Jan 2018

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New age technology with simple game play!

Our website: https://l2.selfnet.org/

Our forum: https://l2.selfnet.org/forum/

Discord: https://discord.gg/bD9gCsv

Let's go on a quest were Lineage 2 was meaning something, were Lineage 2 was Farming, Spoiling, Leveling, Sieging and PvP. This is not a pay to win server! We came with a Lineage 2 server like no other and we promise:- No Wipes- No GM Interference in game play- No PaytoWin.

We came with a retail-like server with good rates, retail-like game play:- No Custom Weapons- No Custom Armors- No Custom Quests- Custom NPC Buffer allowing you to save presets and buffs of 60 minutes and GREAT voting rewards!

We would like you to be a part of the L2 SN Grand Crusade experiences; we would like you to join us!

Server rates :XP: x5 SP: x4 Adena: x4 Drop: x4 Spoil: x2 Quest: x1 RaidBoss: x2 Maximum Enchant: +20

The server is in BETA testing until March 31st. Join US NOW and we promise you the best experience of your Lineage 2 life, a good GM team as well as an outstanding hardware infrastructure with hourly backups!