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Last Update26 Feb 2015
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Name: The Hills have Eyes
Branch: Experimental
Teamspeak 3:
Homepage: Coming soon
How to Connect: Launch Rust and press F1 to open the console. Type: net.connect

About the server:
This Server started on 02/12 and was last wiped 02/19. The Server has good hardware, thus performance is very smooth.

We're a small, german-based community. Our players are friendly and like to help you out.
People from all over the World are welcome. You may speak any language you want.

Our motto concerning modifications is "less is more" but still, few changes were made to improve gameplay.
Here's a brief list:
- C4 can't be crafted
- gathering is increased x4
- /pm "player" "text" to write private messages
- starter kits ONCE for each player (including some tools and a pants so you dont have to show everybody your shlong)
- building in caves has been blocked
- Arena Plugin
- Have a look at our map at

Map History:
After being disappointed by the first map after the wipe on 02/17, we took our time and generated maps for some hours, 
until we found one, that fulfilled our expectations. It has 3 Rad Towns evenly distributed. (instead of 2 next to each other) 
We implemented a safezone located near the central lake allowing players to trade or just meet each other without getting shot.

Our Administrator is putting a lot of effort into his minigame-style arenas.
There's a deathmatch Arena right now, and others will follow.

The Administrator:
He insisted on staying anonymous, but its not an overstatement to say that he is very eager to help people out and develop the changes
necessary to provide a smooth gameplay for everybody.