Rust Realm

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Type 2x Soloduotrio Fast Crafting Fast Smelting Bp Wipe Better loot Furnace Splitter No Abuse Low Decay Modded
Location Canada
Last Update22 Jan 2024
Join Date10 Jan 2024


Rust Realm is a beginner-friendly solo/duo/trio Rust server featuring an enhanced 2x loot table, weekly map wipes, monthly blueprint wipes and a list of other great improvements.

Features & improvements:

  • Active, responsive & friendly admins
  • Increased stack sizes
  • Short nights (5 minutes)
  • No burning food
  • Auto-authorization for teams and clans
  • Improved loot tables
  • Welcome & Discord kits
  • Improved vending machines at Outpost & Bandit Camp
  • Player leaderboards and playtime tracker
  • Helicopter and boat spawns
  • Faster crafting speed
  • Reduced base decay (50%)
  • Faster smelting and furnace splitter
  • Rust+ connectivity
  • Rewards shop (earn points for each hour played)
  • Additional recyclers (Fishing Village, Dome, Cargo, Large & Small Oil)