Tea n Turrets 5x

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Connect connect.teanturrets.com:28015
Website teanturrets.com
Discord Discord
Type 5x Modded Monthly Wipe Eu PVP
Location Germany
Last Update02 Mar 2024
Join Date02 Mar 2024


Welcome to Tea 'n' Turrets (Modded Server)

A competitive Clan vs Clan server, created by a team of dedicated admins with the sole aim of providing a balanced gaming experience.

Monthly Server Wipes: Force Wipe @ 8pm UTC
Kits and More: https://store.teanturrets.com

- 5x Gathering and Resources
- Tier 1 BP's and Instant Craft
- Clans, Auth Share, Teleport
- Access to Skinbox, BGrade, Furnace Splitter, Auto Doors, Box Sorter, Chest Stack and much more...
- Improved Loot
- Always Day Time
- Offline Raid Protection

Join our Discord by visit https://teanturrets.com