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Website rabisu.com
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Type 1000x Gather 20x Gather
Location United States
Last Update17 Nov 2023
Join Date31 Oct 2023



Rabisu is an innovative and modern Rust server hosting provider founded in 2016.

Rust was published by Facepunch Studios on December 11, 2013 as a survival game. The basic structure of the game is to enable you to survive by hunting animals by revealing your dexterity with the equipment in it. You can survive by using many elements in the game. If we talk briefly; Cloth, food, stone, metal ore, and sulfur are essential items and can be collected. You can kill Animals and mine to get a few of them. If you want to install Rust Server, all you need to do is to select the number of people from the section below and then activate your Rust Server in a few steps