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Discord Discord
Last Update24 Mar 2024
Join Date24 Mar 2024


Welcome to the 2x Solo/Duo/Trio/Squad \n
We provide the highest quality Rust gameplay. Download Platform for Full Experience! Our Servers run on the best Network & Hardware to improve your gameplay experience. We run Multiple Quality of life Plugins to make the game exciting and enjoyable. 
▲ 2x Gather Rate \n
▲ VIP & Kits \n
▲ Clans (Max Size 4) \n
▲ Faster Crafting speed 
▲ Fast Smelt
▲ High Performance Custom Map
▲ Vote Skip Night
▲ 24 Hr Discord Admin Support
▲ Active Staff
▲ Discord Linking \n
Join the Discord & Download Gaimin Platform to unlock Exclusive Skins for use in-Game before playing to get your token key to login!
Rules \n
- Don't be Rude \n
- English only in Chat \n
- No Walling Monuments \n
- No Spamming Chat \n
- Cheaters will be banned \n
Admins are available both in-game and via the GAIMIN Discord Server if you are having issues during gameplay.